He-Man is another alter ego of Nova who was introduced before the 24-Hour LiveScream, when some of the Creatures went to get some food from Chipotle.

He man

He-Man, pictured after hunting a cat in his back yard.

He man raccoon

The combination of He-Man and a Raccoon.

History Edit

He-Man was first seen in before he embarked on his quest with Raccy the Raccoon, Princess Peach and Danz, He-Man attempted to kill a random cat which had stumbled into his territory.


  • He doesn't like cats.
  • He once morphed into some sort of He-Man/Raccoon creature.
  • He tries to hit on women when ordering Chipotle to get it at a reduced price, or for free.
  • According to Danz, he cries sometimes when he's a Raccoon. (A reference to the He-Man singing Hey what's going on video)
  • He demanded numerous times to get his Chipotle for free, but when he was denied, he, Raccoon (Kootra), and Princess Peach (Seamus) stormed out of the restaurant.
  • His pecs flex themselves.
  • He has stated that Skeletor wouldn't be as bad as to not give him a discount for his Chipotle.

Quotes Edit

  • I'm so hungry!
  • I want food!
  • Two dollars?!
  • I think I can haggle them down.
  • My pecs are flexing themselves!
  • They make my muscles strong!
  • The raccoon has all the money!
  • I'm going to flex for you.
  • Wednesday?!
  • Are you kidding me?!
  • Someone's getting put in a headlock for this!
  • Not even Skeletor would do something like this to me!
  • Ridiculous!
  • Breaking the law!
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