Herman on Ze's Bed

Herman was Ze's dog in the series Chilled and Ze's Excellent Adventure. When Ze tamed the wolf, Chilled suggested the name Herman. Ze followed Chilled's advice, despite the fact that the two were fighting at the time.

Herman's DeathEdit

Herman's grave

Herman's Grave

Herman was only alive for about two episodes. While Ze was digging up dirt, he hit Herman. Ze then stated he was getting annoying and just getting in his way. Ze then took out his sword and killed him. Afterwards, he built a grave for Herman on the coastline of the ocean near Ze and Chilled's forts. It is still there today. A pier was built next to the grave by Ze.


  • Despite the fact Ze wanted to kill Herman, he became emotional about his death.
  • Even though Chilled disliked Herman, he was upset when Ze killed him and attempted to make Ze feel guilty.


Ze killing Herman (At 5:00)

Ze finding and taming Herman (At 1:50)

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