In the Hershel's Land series, Nova had successfully tamed 6 cats and had to build them their own home.

The First Three CatsEdit

Just a few episodes after Sophia's death, Nova was walking around the jungle collecting wood when he found 4 cats (2 adults and 2 kittens) near a pool in the jungle. Nova went fishing in the pool and managed to get enough fish to tame the two adults but failed to tame the other two baby cats. (He did not know that kittens require cooked fish to be tamed.) Frustrated, Nova killed one of them. However the next morning, the two tamed cats had produced a baby on their own.

Cat Number 4Edit

While building a house for the three cats, Danz informed Nova that there was an adult cat roaming somewhere near their house. Nova succesfully tamed it but Nova had to punch it numerous times to get it inside the cat house.

Baby Cat's DeathEdit

While Nova was making the cats sit down to keep them in one spot, he forgot to click the baby cat. While Nova was mining inside the well, the baby cat teleported to him as he was trapped in a couple of spider and skeleton spawners which resulted in the mobs killing Nova and the kitten.

Cat Number 5Edit

The two surviving cats produced another kitten.


Danz, Nova, and Carl then slaughtered all of the cats to make its house a chicken pen.

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