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HotSeat is a series on The Creature Hub, which involves a member of the Creatures being challenged to complete a difficult task in a specific game. They must do so under the ridicule of other Creatures, and sometimes, with an added twist to spice things up.


The series was originally created due to Dex's strong dislike for horror games. The theme of the show revolved around this idea of testing one's fright, until the series was later altered so that the game in each episode did not have to be horror related, and could be any genre as long as a specific challenge was set in place.


Video Contestant Viewers
HotSeat | P.T. Silent Hills Teaser Dex Kootra, Danz, and Aleks
HotSeat | Erie Kevin Danz and Aleks
HotSeat | Dark Souls Kootra Seamus and Aleks
HotSeat | Far Cry 4 - Honey Badger Challenge Nova Kootra and Danz
Hot Seat | Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader Kootra Nova and Aleks
Hot Seat | Mile High Club (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) Dex Kootra and Danz
Hot Seat | Bloodborne Kootra Nova and Aleks
Hot Seat | CS:GO Kevin Kootra and Aleks
Hot Seat | The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Danz Kootra and Aleks
Hot Seat | Crash Bandicoot Nova Kootra and Dex
FEAR SPRAY | Hot Seat (Batman: Arkham Knight) Danz Aleks and Spencer
STORM THE CASTLE | Hot Seat Mount and Blade: Warband)  Aleks Kootra and Spencer
JUMP SCARES | Hot Seat (Five Nights at Freddy's 4)  Artist Joe Nova and Aleks
TURBO TUNNEL INFINITE | Hot Seat (Battletoads) Aron Kootra and Dex
PRECIOUS RESOURCES | Hot Seat (Mad Max) Nova Kootra and Aleks
THAT'S BARBARIC!!! | Hot Seat (Castle Crashers Remastered) Danz Nova and Aleks


Creature Wins Losses
Jordan 2 1
James 2 1
Dexter 0 2
Kevin 2 0
Dan 1 1
Aleks 0 1
Seamus - -
Artist Joe 0 1
Aron 1 0


  • It was stated in episode 120 of Creature Talk that they had done a Five Night's at Freddy's HotSeat, but it ended up not being uploaded.