I Don't Follow or I Don't Follow Skyrim News is a running joke, mainly between Gassy and Danz, it means they don't know much about a subject or they're not an expert (i.e 'I Don't Follow Yogscast News'). As with most recurring phrases of this type, it's usually used sarcastically.


During a conversation about Minecraft and the Enderdragon in their Serenity Mine series,
Serenity Mine Pt 22 "Skyrim News" w Gassy & Danz (MineCraft)

Serenity Mine Pt 22 "Skyrim News" w Gassy & Danz (MineCraft)

The origin of the quote (0:39)

Danz mixed up Skyrim dragons and the new Minecraft dragon. He repeatedly asked if Skyrim now had dragons, although he actually meant if Minecraft had dragons, which greatly confused Gassy. Danz was quoted saying "I don't follow Skyrim news" before realizing his mistake. The Creatures have since used the joke in many situations and the title for videos like Danz' "I Don't Follow Moving Newz!!!" and Seamus' "P.O Box In Case You Don't Follow Creature News".


  • Danz's first shirt says 'I Don't Follow Skyrim Newz'.
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