Creature Shorts

Year Title Role Notes
2013 Trick or Treat Space Demon Didn't speak
2013 Where's Seamus? Himself
Fiev Nights at Freddy's | LIVE ACTION short film Himself, Gangster


Note: Not finished

Year Title Role Notes
2008 Planet Chaos Various Also written by Immortal, uploaded to Machinima
2009-2010 Moderatin' Various Also written by Immortal; uploaded to Machinima
2009-2010 Dead Space Diaries Isic Written by Immortal, uploaded to Machinima
2009 Day Of Recon Various Uploaded to Machinima
2009 Hardcore Promo Himself Written by Immortal, uploaded to Machinima


The Creature Various Written by Immortal, based on Kootra, uploaded to Machinima
2012 I'm Gay Himself Writen and uploaded by Utorak
2013-present Sanity Not Included Various Main cast, uploaded to Machinma Happy Hour
2014 The Little Guys Fred Uploaded to The Creature Hub channel
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