• He calls his subscribers Nobs, but also recognizes them as Homies because of his close connections with Sly..
  • Immortal has an alter ego named "Sniper Ghost Warrior" which he adopted from the video game, and used in several videos with a deep voice resembling Batman's. 
  • Aleks was chosen by Dex to be the new co-host on the Machinima series, "Sanity Not Included" replacing the character played by Lyle McDouchebag, who left the show.
  • He played Marshal in the Street Ball episode of Head 2 Head and Supercast.
  • He subscribed to Nova on September 28th, 2011, which also happened to be Dan's 20th birthday. (seen at 2:21:08 here)
  • He was the host and editor of the Creature Hub series, First Five.


  • Sly and Immortal both commonly mention that Immortal is Russian. Incidentally, "Aleks" turned out to be a diminutive of Aleksandr.
  • He moved to Colorado on the March 1st. It was rumored he was going to live in the The Creature House, and because of this, there was a rumor that he may be joining the Creatures. However, he moved into Sly's apartment, but ended up joining the group regardless.
  • According to his former band, 7 Birches, Aleks' full name is "Aleksandr Vitaly." This is shown in the song called "Yet to Show" where Aleks sings for the majority of the song.
    • However, it was revealed in the credits of Sarcasm w/ Seamus episode 1, that his real name is Aleksandr Marchant, possibly meaning Vitaly is a nickname or his birthname before being adopted and mo

      The face that Inspired a Generation

      ving to America, possibly getting his adopted parents surname.
  • He has a rapper alter ego "4L3KS."​​​​​​​
  • Kootra constantly joked that he "hates" Immortal. 
  • He was the face that inspired a generation. (See Top Right)
    • A fan tweeted a picture to James in which Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from the show Supernatural imitate the face. (See Bottom Right)

      Actors from Supernatural imitating Aleks' face on the fans' shirts

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