Not to be confused with Artist Joe

Joseph "Intern Joe" is a former Creature, who began working for the group as an intern. He is known to manage the social media accounts for the hub, as well as edit videos on the main hub channel and run The HUB.


Joe joined the group through his long time friend James, started working for the company in 2014, he at first hid his face under various chicken masks but later reveal his face at  RTX.2015 and offically on YouTube in the Naked and Afraid Parody


A picture of joe packing his book bag on James' twitter account
  • He is shorter than the rest of the Creatures and the employees. (His height is 4' 8")
  • His most notable catchphrase is "Watch out!".
    • It is mentioned in CT Ep. 134 that his catchphrase came from when he was in high school with James. Joe would push the janitor's trash barrels down staircases and yell "WATCH OUT!".
  • He first appeared in this video.
  • In older pictures he would use a stuffed elephant to depict himself in photos.
  • Intern Joe's face was also revealed in Naked and Afraid Parody, after he showed it at the panel.
  • In "Ornament Hunt", Kootra and Danz Newz stated that Intern Joe likes Star Wars.
  • Joe can be seen (with Zombie Makeup) in Creatures of the Living Dead (Creature Short) as one of the three zombies, along with James and Kevin.
  • Joe was the one who suggested that the Creatures should re-open their P.O. box, and struggled to carry all the boxes and mails "through the front door".
  • He is the "father" of Baby Babu and adoptive father of Babu's love interest, Mollie.
  • In, it was revealed that he attended the same high school with James.



CT Ep. 124


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