Kootra's Hat is Kootra's red St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap. It has been a running gag with the Creatures for a long time, and is probably Kootra's most well-known trademark. He has worn three variations of the hat.


Jordan has always been a big Cardinals fan. Since the beginning of his channel, Jordan has worn his famous hat, and it has become an iconic part of his image. At one point, his original hat was lost in a lake, but eventually found its way back to Jordan. He kept this hat for a while until early 2013, when he switched it for a new one. On July 27th, 2014, he gave away his second hat for "A Precious Child" Charity Livestream.

Koots in his original hat.

Jordan would get a new hat a few days later that he has stated is a different shade of red.


  • In Creature Talk episode 56, it was revealed that, for Christmas 2012, Dan got Jordan a brown Cardinals hat.
  • Jordan rarely is seen without the hat.
  • Sly, Aleks, DexDan, and Spencer have all worn the hat.
  • TheSyndicateProject has also worn the hat during PAX East 2015.


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