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Kootra's Kool Klan was a group created by a combination of elitist Machinima directors who were "conspiring" against Rayss95 because he is a "big bully."


The channel was created by Kootra, Sp00n, Lyle, Dex, and Nova. In Creature Talk 10/22/10 (copy of the original Ustream video ) a caller asks if he can join Kootra's Kool Klan and they respond by detailing its inception:

Kootra: Ok Dyllan, what is your question... and/or topic?
Dyllan (caller): How... how do I get in Kootra's Kool Klan?
Gassy: We get that question a lot.
Kootra: "... Lyle actually thought it up, because this Rayss kid [Rayss95] thought we were all ganging up against him for some reason when we weren't, we just thought he was being kind of annoying... and then he assumed we were all in like some kind of clan..."
Nova: Interjects to add detail, saying "It's actually... Rayss first... he said 'Kootra's clan'..."
Kootra and Lyle agree.
Lyle: "Yeah, he said 'Kootra's clan' and I added the [Kool]."
Nova: "And now I made the logo for it."
Lyle: "Yeah, no... Kootra's Kool Klan, like, I guess it exists now, technically, but it's not actually a real thing... we just made it because we just wanted to just encourage him [Rayss95] a bit more to keep acting stupid."

It states on the channel's About page  that there aren't any videos because Kootra, Sp00n, and Nova are transferring overseas to another college so they can move in together with Lyle and Dex.


  • The logo was created by Nova. Kootra has stated that the logo was going to be on a T-shirt.
  • (8/17/2013) Kootra's Kool Klan has appeared as a sponsor for the Bowdrie Brothers in Supercast Episode 2.



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