Jordan "Kootra" Mathewson is a former Creature who is known for his love of cats, his knowledge of the Unreal Engine, and his trademark red Cardinals hat. Jordan is considered the de facto leader of the Creatures, and he is the official owner of "The Creatures LLC", as well as one of the founders of the original group/term.



Kootra, or Jordan

Kootra began his YouTube career with Call of Duty 4 machinimas that were viewed on Machinima's main channel. He then continued to make Halo machinimas, such as Warthog Training and Suppressor.

Kootra would later get into video editing and graphics, such as lens flares and 3D Modeling. He has been commonly known to make machinimas using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). Kootra soon began commentating games such as Left 4 Dead and Modern Warfare 2, eventually getting a Machinima Respawn contract and meeting other directors. He discovered that one actually lived close to him, and started playing with them. 

Jordan was a Creature until the group closed its doors.

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