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  • The joke about Kootra's smell began in this video of Nova's.
  • The name "Kootra" was created when Jordan tried to think of a name that sounded like something from Star Wars.


  • Sometimes the other Creatures, mostly James, tended to call him what sounds like "Whoredan" or "Hoardan," although James has stated that he is saying Jordan with a Spanish infliction on the J as many fans thought they were calling him a whore.
  • Kootra was known to be the only Creature that never intentionally swears.
  • Kootra is an avid St. Louis Cardinals fans and during Creature Talk and his videos the topic is brought up to the annoyance of his peers. Hence he always wears his Cards hat..
  • Due to his strong resemblance to Tom Cruise, Dan has called him "Tom Koots".
  • James's impersonation of him is just pinching his nose and saying "What the Brown?"
  • Kootra has an alter-ego as "Barbecue Duke" in the show The Dukes of Hazzard: Reloaded. His character is brother to Danz's "Rusty Duke", and they drive around Hazzard City (actually Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV) in their car, the "Colonel Sanders."
  • A fan sent the Creatures a can of Liquid Ass which they called "Kootra Juice.".
  • Kootra is an avid archer.
  • On 8/27/2014, Kootra was "swatted" during a livestream of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and was taken into custody, but was quickly released shortly after.