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LemurGimmick's YouTube Profile Picture

Dan "Lemur" Lazlo (or LemurGimmick) is a friend of the Creatures. He is known for his good and bad drawings that the Creatures feature on their videos. He helped with the animation of The Creatures' Machinima, TR4PVILLE. He was featured in the video Meet Lemur.


Lemur appeared on an old episode of Creature Talk, which he made drawings for the episode that were used as the sponsored picture. He is currently in animation and art school. On March 24, 2013, a video was uploaded to the Creature Hub introducing and welcoming Lemur as a part of the Creatures' production team for various projects. The video also stated that he is not an "Official Creature."


  • Lemur said that after he is done with school he is going to make an animation with Creature Carl fighting Sp00n to the death.
  • According to Lyle, Lemur during art school, had to draw a nude old woman, and a man who kept pinching his genatalia.
  • During the 24 hour livestream (on March 1, 2013), Kootra revealed that Lemur is Hungarian.
  • On Creature Talk Ep. 92, Aleks stated that he probably met Kootra through Lemur.
  • He played GTA with the creatures in the March 24 Hour Livestream (2013).