A list of characters appearing in The Creature Hub series SUPERCAST!

Main CharactersEdit

The Bowdrie BrothersEdit

Main Article: The Bowdrie Brothers

First Appearance: Episode 1: "Beginnings"

Potrayed by: James Wilson and Aleks Marchant

Chip and Marshal Bowdrie are two odd brothers, who went on a quest to be "Supercasters" after being yelled at by their father.

Papa BowdrieEdit

First Appearance: Episode 1: "Beginnings"

Portrayed by: Sp00nerism

Papa Bowdrie is Chip and Marshal's father. He is a raging alcoholic who constantly swears at the two. He got mad at them for being fired again, and thus they went on their quest to supercast. He is also Uncle Tommy's brother.

Other CharactersEdit


First Appearance: S1 Episode 3: "Under Construction"

Potrayed by: Jordan Matthewson

The producer, or the manager of the boss, is a tall man who wears a business suit with very light blonde hair. He told Chip and Marshal that the boss wanted to see them. Because the boys wasted money, went over budget, and burned down the set, he fired the brothers and shot Marshal at the end of episode 4.

The BossEdit

First Appearance: S1 Episode 4: "Over Budget"

Potrayed by: Roman

Not much is known about the boss other than the fact that he is loud. He warned the boys that they were over budget. He was portrayed by Make-A-Wish-Foundation patient Roman, whose wish was to meet the Creatures.


First Appearance: S1 Episode 4: "Over Budget"

Potrayed by: Daniel Gidlow

The retired former WWE commentator from Austin, Texas who likes to drink and owns 5 restaurants in Austin, as well as being known for his BBQ Sauce. He was a reporter for Chip and Marshal in their comic-con supercast.

Hispanic Tribe LeaderEdit

First Appearance: S1 Episode 5: "Public Access"

Portrayed by: Edwin Cardona, Jr.

The Hispanic tribe leader (his real name was never revealed) was a Hispanic man who was dressed like a cholo. Marshal called him Native American, although he was Hispanic. He speaks in English and Spanish, and is fluent in both. In the season 1 finale he was the director of Public Access Television, a poor quality network that Chip and Marshal supercasted some Minecraft footage. In the end when Marshal had a meltdown about not getting a cigarette lighter, he swore at the brothers and got in a fight with Marshal. In the end, Marshal stabbed him with a screwdriver.


First Appearance: S1 Episode 5: "Public Access"

Portrayed by: Jordan Matthewson

Jorge is a Slovakian (despite his Hispanic name) microphone operator who was told to not speak English or Spanish, but said one English phrase to the boys.

Off-Screen CharactersEdit

Mama BowdrieEdit

The mother to Chip and Marshal, and the husband to Papa Bowdrie. She was revealed to have existed in Episode 1.

The ProducerEdit

Potrayed by: Danz

Played by Danz, in episode 2 he сonvinced Marshal to keep commentating the game. Later, he called the duo to say the Boss wants to see them.

The OperatorEdit

Potrayed by: Kootra

Played by Kootra, can be heard screaming and laughing аt the background in ep. 2

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