Renée "LolRenaynay" Reynosa is a friend of the Creatures and former Creature Gassy Mexican's ex-girlfriend. The only current Creatures she has played with Ze and Sp00nerism however she had appeared in a few Creature live streams when Max was a Creature.


Renée met Max through Diction after she was shown the infamous "model" picture. From there, she was introduced to the Creatures. Gassy had tweeted her "Hi, I'm Max, and i like Firefly." She started playing with Gassy, then on Gassy's Formspring, he said they were dating. She lived in an apartment with Gassy until his removal from the Creatures. The couple then moved to California. As of March 18, 2015 it was announced that they are no longer together, but they ended on good terms and will continue to play and stream together.





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