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MLG Minecraft was a single-player series created by Kootra in Minecraft.


During the first Tree Fortress series, Nova was not always present to record so Kootra began MLG Minecraft to give his subscribers a consistant supply of Minecraft videos. The series was well received, and over 100 episodes were uploaded before Kootra discontinued the series in favour of Hardcore Minecraft.

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Return of MLG Minecraft

On August 28, 2012, Kootra made a return to MLG Minecraft due to the failure of his Jungle Cats series and his lack of new Minecraft videos on his channel. However the revival was short-lived, culminating in only seven episodes (The last of which promised the eventual return of the series). It would later give way to his Viking Adventure series.

Second Return of MLG Minecraft

As of 15th January 2014 MLG Minecraft has been resurrected with an episode coming out every day. In it's first episode Kootra explained that he would rather not use mods for this series due to the case in which he dislikes mods in general. The generated world is amplified. The current series has already lasted longer than the previous incarnation.

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