Max was Kootra's pet pig in his first series of MLG Minecraft. His name is a noose to Gassy Mexican


Max is a pig that had spawned in Kootra's home while he was mining, Kootra then named him Max and later put a Saddle on him. One dreadful day while Kootra was out of the house something happened to Max and he disappeared. There are four possibilities as to what happened to Max:

Kootra's pet pig Max. Lived episodes 14-18 of Kootra's first singleplayer LP of Minecraft.

  1. He ran away
  2. He was Kidnapped (Or Pig-Napped)
  3. He was murdered
  4. He De-Spawned (Most likely out of all)

When Kootra came back home and Max was nowhere in sight he spent quite a while grieving over his death, then built a memorial for Max. During the rest of that play-through he remembered Max every once in a while and stopped to grief over his loss of the best pig in all of MineCraftia, Max.

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Max's memorial. Reads: 'Here Lies Max, He was a dumb Pig who got snatched up'

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