was Seamus, Nova, and Sly's pet Creeper in their Minecraft, Ex-Communicated Series. His cousins were killed by the three later on.

History with the CreaturesEdit

Whilst constructing their house, a Creeper was stalking Nova as he built a copy of his Tri-Mountain survival house. Sly let the Creeper in and put it in a corner surrounded by fences. The trio then called him Mendoza. After searching for resources the trio found that Mendoza ran away and took all of Nova's stuff.


  • Mendoza is actually a last name, not a first, as confirmed by Sly.
  • Mendoza is a reference to Nova's and Seamus' Call of Juarez: The Cartel playthrough, where a crime cartel was named the Mendoza Cartel.
  • The Creeper actually despawned due to the trio being too far away.
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