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Minecraft Adventures with Nova and Sp00n
Nova's thumbnail

Kootra (Named differently)
ZeRoyalViking (Named differently)

Series Start Dec 26, 2010
Series End Jan 15, 2011
Participants Nova
No. of Episodes 16
No. of Sessions 4

Minecraft Adventures was Nova's first Minecraft gameplay (on his channel) and Sp00n's first Minecraft multiplayer gameplay (on his channel).


When Sp00n and Nova landed in the world thay started to get wood, food, coal. Thay stayed in a cave in which Nova started to dig straight down, Sp00n didn't like the idea, but Nova continued by saying he was doing it carefuly and Sp00n blocked him in. Nova broke a block and Sp00n went down in the hole with him. It didn't take long to hit a cave were a zombie was waiting there for them. They both looked away when thay looked back at the zombe there was another one. Nova said that the zombie had sex with itself and multiplied. Sp00n was told to fight him as Nova said, "Chuck Greene does not fight," so Sp00n killed the zombie and later on got killed by another zombie, who tea-bagged him when he died. The cave wasn't as good as it was thought as it was tunnels over tunnels over tunnels. As thay continued Sp00n died more times, once by a spider. When he was at spawn there was some crazy shit going on, he stayed for a while. When back at the cave there was a monster orgy, in which Sp00n wanted to be a part of. Sp00n also could see a ghost creeper that Nova could not see. He decided to move out and make a sand castle. Nova went to try and build a brick house, but still stayed at the cave with not as much monsters, Sp00n said that they went to see the cool sand castle. Sp00n messed around with Nova a bit by opening the the door of the cave and blaming it on a cow, Nova soon found out. Sp00n made a diving board which he died from, when he respawned he had some time lag seeing Nova go in the cave when he was already in the cave, they both got lost. In the last few episodes Ze and Kootra joined, after finding Sp00n and Nova (and messing around a bit) Kootra said to go on a new server, Sp00n agreed, Nova didn't, but the new server was made which soon the TreeHouse was born.

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