Note: This article refers to Season 1 of the series. For information on the second season of the series, see "Super Minecraft Daily".


Sly's Intro (Minecraft Daily, Hi Pig! I Love you!)

Minecraft Daily (or "Minecraft Daily: Season 1") was a series by Ex-Creature SlyFoxHound. Each episode is usually released on 4pm (CDT) / 9pm (GMT). All current Creatures (excluding Sp00n) have made at least one appearance/cameo in the series.


Sly decided to start a Minecraft series where he would create enough content to give his subscribers an episode every day. Many well known YouTubers had been invited to this series. Sly aspired to create a giant town, full of houses from all past, present and future Minecraft Daily guests. The town was officially named "Guam", after a waypoint that Kevin set in Ep. 121. Another goal for Sly was to reach 365 episodes, completing a whole year and finishing the series' first season. This goal was not reached by the end of the year (2013) due to Sly's busy schedule, which prevented him from uploading episodes for long periods of time.

The first episode was released on November 4th, 2012.

The original format of the episodes consisted of Sly and his other guests building their homes to live in. However, they have also set missions to complete whenever new mods are installed. Some of these missions have been left incomplete for unknown reasons. Hostile mobs from mods installed by Steven were initially the main cause of conflict of the series, one particular highlight being the Camp Bears (Ep 37-40). Kevin (TomAnex) and Steven (SCMowns) were the first two guests to be upgraded to series regulars. ImmortalHD also became an unofficial series regular starting from Episode 171, until his departure from the series after Episode 300.

Some episodes in the second half of the series' first season, specifically the milestone episodes and the Pixelmon arc, have followed a semi-scripted format (bearing similarities to Seasons 3-5 of Sly’s Minecraft Marriage).

A high angle view of the town under construction from Sly's POV.

After the events of Episode 149, Steven transplanted the area of the town into a brand new world. It resulted in a misplacement of landmarks and ‘water glitches’ around the town boundaries. More 'town transplants' were made after Episode 215 and 304 when they updated to newer versions of Minecraft. Major mods such as Mo’ Creatures and Twilight Forest were replaced by Custom NPCs (Ep. 151-347), DivineRPG (Ep. 150-215), Pixelmon (Ep. 216-304) and Aether (Ep. 305-312). Mo' Creatures (1.6.2) was brought back in Episode 313.

The series went on an indefinite hiatus after Episode 339 (released on November 26th 2013), possibly due to declining views and overall lack of interest from subscribers after the 300th episode.

The 340th episode of the series was finally released six months later on May 15th 2014, confirming that the series was not officially abandoned as Sly had not reached his 365 episode goal.

After another hiatus, Minecraft Daily returned once again on August 11, 2014 with Episode 348. This was the first episode since Sly's retirement from the Creatures. Due to the results of a poll for his subscribers, Sly announced that the rest of Season 1 would continue regularly without a final "milestone" episode. The last few episodes consisted of Sly's new main crew going into creative mode and building monuments and minigames all over the town whilst reminiscing about past events. Season 1 officially ended on August 28, 2014.

The Minecraft world where the series took place (including Guam) was later released as a survival map server for Sly's fans following the conclusion of the season.


Name Featured episodes Area of residence


All An overground cabin which is connected to a horse stable. His real house is a refurbished underground ravine, which can be accessed by a trapdoor in the cabin or even through a waterfall entrance at the bottom of the ocean. The ravine is connected to an extensive cave system, which has been used for mining and weapon testing. A hidden room with an Enchanting Table and a portal to 'The End' is located on his second floor.
Lucie (Lewshea) Ep. 1-8, 16-20 A two-story box house on the beach that was connected to Sly's cabin through an underground tunnel. It was the first house to be completed in the series.
Steven (SCMowns/ SdogSteven) 

Ep. 9-15, 21-32, 37-40, 45-81, 90-91, 102-142, 156-170, 185-206, 216-234, 247-300, 306-365

A tall, complex, temple-like building with a rooftop caged arena on the lake near Sly and Lucie's house. It has been griefed by Kevin (Ep. 81), partially blown up by C4 explosives twice (Ep. 111, 136) and covered in lava twice (Ep. 280, 346). As of Ep. 281, his home is now encircled by an elaborate cobblestone tower. He was also responsible for the construction of the town lighthouse and the target-shaped meeting point of the town.
ImmortalHD Ep. 10-15, 37-40, 78-81, 171-206, 216-225, 235-255, 266-295, 300 A cave house camouflaged by a roof made of hedges and glass. A jungle tree was planted on top of the house, but has since been removed. The house has been burnt down and blown up many times, but was brought back each time after the world reverted.
Kevin (GoldenBlackHawk/ TomAnex)

Ep. 16-40, 42-81, 102-109, 121-130, 197-199, 201-206, 216-234, 247-255, 266-307, 321-326, 332-339

Initially lived on a ship out in the ocean before it was burnt down by Sly (Ep. 20). Created a new double-layered house with a basement containing 'indentured servants', a Nether portal and a tunnel leading to bedrock. A 'victory road' flanked by flaming Netherrack blocks leads to this house. The house was griefed by Immortal before its restoration after Ep. 81. His shipwreck has been degraded from rocket launcher testing and is now close to land due to the first ‘town transplant’.
Ashley (AshhBearr) Ep. 21-32 A simplistic, but uneven looking house by the lake where Steven's house is located.
Nova (UberHaxorNova) Ep. 33-40, 78-81, 143-149 A gigantic, lopsided wooden penis near Kevin’s second house. He was forced to rebuild it in a later recording session after it was deleted when the world reverted after Ep. 81.
MichaelBahhh (Brien29) Ep. 37-40, 121-130, 200, 313-316, 321-331 Formerly "rented" a treehouse situated on the jungle tree above Immortal's cave house. This would later be wiped out when the world was reverted after Ep. 40. Upon his return, he made an elevated, ladder-covered house with a light blue wooden roof between Pbat's house and Nova's backyard sugar cane farm.
EatMyDiction1 Ep. 53-55 Started building the walls of a house outside the town boundaries, but left the recording because he was hammered. The house was taken down and replaced by a fenced training area prior to Ep. 216.
Sam (IAmSp00n) Ep. 57-59 Patched up a river with dirt to prepare for a new house.
ZeRoyalViking Ep. 65-77, 107-109, 200 A wooden skyscraper surrounded by cobblestone walls next to the lighthouse. He also built a highway system above the ground that extends around the whole town, making it easier to navigate.
ChimneySwift11 Ep. 82-91 A small cottage next to Pbat's house and near the base of Cupquake's hill. It bears a resemblance to a house he created in his series, 'The Minecraft Files'.
IHasCupquake Ep. 82-91 A replica of her parents' house on top of a small hill, overlooking other nearby houses. One side of the house was burnt down from a Frost attack (Ep. 171), but was partially rebuilt by Sly in Ep. 326 and then completed in Ep. 343.
PaperbatVG Ep. 92-101 Built a tiny upside-down house as a joke, but has not taken it down. Most of it was set ablaze in Ep. 214, but it is unknown how the fire started.
Rachelkip Ep. 110-120 A large roofless birchwood house near a swamp area and at the base of Cupquake's hill. The house was transported next to an icy river and then a mountain due to two ‘town transplants’.
HuskyMUDKIPZ Ep. 131-136 A hollowed out area in the side of a small mountain near the original spawn and Diction's house. The trapdoor on top of the mountain is one of the main entrances.
Katukaz (omegadark14) Ep. 131-136, 348-365 A large house with hedges near the main lake and behind Ashley’s house. It is now recognisable for being surrounded by a giant statue of his new Minecraft skin.
SkyDoesMinecraft Ep. 137-142 The base of an underwater house near Kevin’s shipwreck that was bisected due to the first 'town transplant'.
Kootra Ep. 143-149 Originally started on a small wooden house far behind Pbat's house, but settled in a small cave area below Nova's sugar cane farm. The entrance was blown up by a landmine.
SSoHPKC Ep. 143-149 An underground bunker, directly next to Ashley's house and the stairs that head to Ze's highway. Dubbed as the "Fallout Shelter".

Ep. 150-155, 207-215

Moved in with Sly, taking up the role of ‘lead interior decorator’ for his house.
SoTotallyToby Ep. 317-326 A diminutive two-story birchwood house between Michael and Katukaz’s houses and under a portion of Ze’s highway.
DanzNewz Ep. 332-339 A "shit-shack" with a decorative floor and a glass ceiling east of Pbat’s and Michael’s house.
Remix10tails Ep. 340-365 A wooden castle tower north-east of Dan’s house and across the river from Maurice’s mini-fortress.
Burnalex Ep. 340-365 A “disco” house submerged in a large body of water close to Nova’s sugar cane farm. A water pocket elevator separates the underwater portion from the wooden area above.


  1. The best way to start a series!  -  Ft Lucie
  2. Duck Rolls  -  Ft Lucie
  3. Serious Chats!  -  Ft Lucie
  4. Bad Luck Sly!  -  Ft Lucie
  5. Tales from a Cave  -  Ft Lucie
  6. Puppychef wants to play!  -  Ft Lucie
  7. The Light side of the Darker things!  -  Ft Lucie
  8. The Chicken Whisperer!  -  Ft Lucie
  9. Update City!  -  Ft Steven
  10. Everything is too Fast!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  11. Bad Luck Steven!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  12. Sassy Spider Talk!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  13. Short Fuss Creeper!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  14. Bear murdering!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  15. I need to step my house game up!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  16. Pirate Ships Ahoy!  -  Ft Lucie and Kevin
  17. Going down down in an early round  -  Ft Lucie and Kevin
  18. Underground Beauty!  -  Ft Lucie and Kevin
  19. Welcome to the League of DRAVEN!  -  Ft Lucie and Kevin
  20. I set my friends on fire!  -  Ft Lucie and Kevin
  21. A Challenger Approaches!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  22. I need BugSpray Like Pronto!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  23. Steven is a Trickster! Bad Steven No!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  24. My House is looking nice!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  25. Where Do I keep my Diamonds?  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  26. I have the worst memory!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  27. Underground Farming!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  28. Kevin's House is looking Draven worthy!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  29. The Forest Walkway!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  30. What Steven hates with a passion!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  31. Castle Walls Rise!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  32. The House Tours!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ashley
  33. A New Challenger Approaches!  -  Ft Kevin and Nova
  34. Pumpkins!  -  Ft Kevin and Nova
  35. Awesome Cave of Awesome!  -  Ft Kevin and Nova
  36. The Saddest day in Minecraft!  -  Ft Kevin and Nova
  37. WTF Edition!  -  Ft Kevin, Nova, Immortal, Steven and Michael
  38. We need help!  -  Ft Kevin, Nova, Immortal, Steven and Michael
  39. No escape  -  Ft Kevin, Nova, Immortal, Steven and Michael
  40. Damn you Steven!  -  Ft Kevin, Nova, Immortal, Steven and Michael
  41. Need your help/ feedback Homies!
  42. Feels a lot like flipping Xmas!  -  Ft Kevin
  43. Making Pancakes, Making Bacon Pancakes!  -  Ft Kevin
  44. Super Duluxe High Horse Barn!  -  Ft Kevin
  45. The Twilight Forest you say?  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  46. JUST TELL US STEVEN!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  47. Our Horsies are tucked in!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  48. Into Twilight Forest  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  49. SO MANY CUTE ANIMALSSS!!!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  50. The Coolest Boss Monster I've seen!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  51. LavaFarts!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  52. The Infamous ManCows!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  53. Present Time!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Diction
  54. Little D Lives!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Diction
  55. Bye Mister D!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Diction
  56. Lag Out!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  57. Sickness!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Sam
  58. Kevin's Single Ladies!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Sam
  59. Bye Sam :D!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Sam
  60. Waiting on Kevin Geesh!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  61. Stevens Unite!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  62. The Twilight Lich!!! -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  63. Making my way DownTown!  - Ft Kevin and Steven
  64. BABY PENGUINS! (◕‿◕✿) - Ft Kevin and Steven
  65. Taylor Swift remake for Steven!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  66. The LightHouse!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  67. Nether you like it or not!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  68. Kevin's Victory Road!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  69. Our Epic LightHouse!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  70. Ze's Super Highway System!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  71. Metal Gear Stories  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  72. You too good for me Jungle Cat!?  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  73. Building A sexy time room for horsies!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  74. Preparing for the Goat King!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  75. Ze's First Time in the Twilight Forest!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  76. Trolling the Guys!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  77. Hydra is not having any of it!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  78. WTF Edition V2.0  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, Nova and Immortal
  79. Dr.SlyFox Frankenstein  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, Nova and Immortal
  80. Kevin Gets the $%^t Done, The Musical!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, Nova and Immortal
  81. Lady Gaga sees destruction!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, Nova and Immortal
  82. New People Hurray!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  83. Team Cave Explorers!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  84. Thanks Creepers! Big Fan!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  85. Childrens Book!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  86. Lets Rate Chims House!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  87. The Love of the Forest!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  88. The Worst Luck Ever!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  89. Resource City!  -  Ft ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  90. Dat Steven!  -  Ft Steven, ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  91. Whoops!  -  Ft Steven, ChimneySwift and Cupquake
  92. The Deadly Duo in Minecraft Daily?  -  Ft PBat
  93. Pastry that can sink if loud!  -  Ft PBat
  94. The Word that means Happiness!  -  Ft PBat
  95. Speaking in toungues!  -  Ft PBat
  96. Getting Ready for a future Epic Battle!  -  Ft PBat
  97. Magma Cream saves Peoples!  -  Ft PBat
  98. I forgot my keys in the Nether!  -  Ft PBat
  99. Its learning time for Pbat!  -  Ft PBat
  100. The Boys take down a Lich!  -  Ft PBat
  101. The Death of the Naga!  -  Ft PBat
  102. New Mods Ahoy!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  103. Lets become Airplane pilots!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  104. Hello there my Robot friends!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  105. Navi helps me find diamonds!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  106. Kevin Loves Gas.....Granades!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  107. Constructing our Plane!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  108. The Devils Plane!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  109. Trapped in paradise!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Ze
  110. Lets make a nuke!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  111. Stevens house took an Explosive Racks!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  112. UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAHH  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  113. That Super Fast Hydra Kill!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  114. Preparing to Fly in Twilight Forest!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  115. Sly's First plane take off and crash...  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  116. Traveling to the Nether with electricity!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  117. Zapping your problems may cause problems  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  118. My little House actually looks cool!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  119. Everyone get a Fiery Pickaxe!!!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  120. Super Toilet LIVESSS!!  -  Ft Steven and Rachelkip
  121. Minecraft FarCry 3 Simulator  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  122. My friends invade the land!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  123. A squid saved my life!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  124. Puppy Chef smells like poop  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  125. ANOTHER MUSHROOM ISLAND!?  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  126. Poison Spider City!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  127. Songs from the Heart!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  128.!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  129. Back to Guam!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  130. Steven lives in my roof  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Michael
  131. Party Rocking!  -  Ft Steven, HuskyMudkip and Katukaz
  132. Need more batteries!  -  Ft 'Steven, HuskyMudkip and Katukaz
  133. Zapping the Lich!  -  Ft 'Steven, HuskyMudkip and Katukaz
  134. Give Me the Fossils!  -  Ft 'Steven, HuskyMudkip and Katukaz
  135. Trolling Steven!  -  Ft 'Steven, HuskyMudkip and Katukaz
  136. The Rainbow World!  -  Ft 'Steven, HuskyMudkip and Katukaz
  137. Welcome to Trollville!  -  Ft Steven and SkyDoesMinecraft
  138. The Golden Crotch!  -  Ft Steven and SkyDoesMinecraft
  139. Sky and Steven team up!  -  Ft Steven and SkyDoesMinecraft
  140. My special cave!  -  Ft Steven and SkyDoesMinecraft
  141. My Op Spider Jockey!  -  Ft Steven and SkyDoesMinecraft
  142. Bye Sky!  -  Ft Steven and SkyDoesMinecraft
  143. Mc Daily, Creature Edition!  -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  144. The Trolololo Immortal House!  -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  145. Details to Nova's Pee Pee House!  -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  146. Rat Problems   -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  147. There ain't no rest for the wicked  -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  148. Where are all the Normal Mobs!?!?  -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  149. Booby Trapping Friends!  -  Ft Kootra, Nova and Seamus
  150. Say Hello to my GF :D  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  151. New Super Duper ModPack!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  152. Natalie super jumps!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  153. I throw my butt where?  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  154. Honesty is the best policy!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  155. Our first quest COMPLETED and The Piggy Olympics!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  156. I am SlyFoxNina  -  Ft Steven
  157. Steven hits it first ;D  -  Ft Steven
  158. Flirting with Steven  -  Ft Steven
  159. 2nd Quest Completed!  -  Ft Steven
  160. Lets fight the Ender Dragon!  -  Ft Steven
  161. Girls Rule, Boys Drool!  -  Ft Steven
  162. You cant make everyone happy!  -  Ft Steven
  163. Boxer wearing Ogres!  -  Ft Steven
  164. The Sand Temple Trolls Steven!  -  Ft Steven
  165. Im a army chick!  -  Ft Steven
  166. I got a Companion Cube!!!  -  Ft Steven
  167. We are coming for you Ender Dragon!  -  Ft Steven
  168. We need better weapons to take the dragon down!  -  Ft Steven
  169. Almost there, ALMOST THERE!  -  Ft Steven
  170. A shiny new Trophy for my House :D  -  Ft Steven
  171. Who are all these New People?  -  Ft Immortal
  172. Zombies, Zombies, and More Zombies!  -  Ft Immortal
  173. Immortal Disrespects The Sheep Tree!  -  Ft Immortal
  174. SlyFox, The Cow Slayer!  -  Ft Immortal
  175. My First INFINITE Sword!  -  Ft Immortal
  176. I got my very own TV in Minecraft?  -  Ft Immortal
  177. Throwing Spears at Immortal!  -  Ft Immortal
  178. Fails brought to you by our Spider Pals!  -  Ft Immortal
  179. Cave Bonding Time Pt.1  -  Ft Immortal
  180. Cave Bonding Time Pt.2  -  Ft Immortal
  181. Cave Bonding Time Pt.3  -  Ft Immortal
  182. I got my Shadow Bar!  -  Ft Immortal
  183. THE WATCHER RISES!  -  Ft Immortal
  184. The Fall of The Watcher!  -  Ft Immortal
  185. Killing Steven for Items  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  186. A KING CRAB!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  187. Omg Land Whale Attacks! RUN!!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  188. Steven shot Aleks in the Leg!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  189. The Mighty Chicken...Sword?  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  190. The Mysterious Clock  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  191. Summoning The Ancient Entity!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  192. Steven has good days, Ladies ;D  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  193. Blinded by The Eye!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  194. Steven goes Latino on me!  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  195. Our First New Dimension  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  196. Breaking Friends ;D  -  Ft Steven and Immortal
  197. Fanfics come to life  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  198. Introception  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  199. THE OMEGA ARMOR!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  200. The End Of Minecraft Daily? ...Or is it?  -  Steven, Michael, Immortal and Ze
  201. The Mighty Shickaxe  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  202. Kevin gets bamboozled  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  203. Ready for the next dimension!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  204. The Blue World!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  205. My very own Moon Dog!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  206. Payback is Nuclear!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  207. Welcome back Baby!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  208. The Tesla is Broken :(  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  209. Invading the Selps  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  210. Farming for a better weapon!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  211. Failing to exploit the game!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  212. Natalies Milkshakes are too stronk!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  213. Our new Dimension!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  214. Boss Hunting!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  215. Back to The End!  -  Ft ZombiUnicorn
  216. New Updated Mods!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  217. Need to become the best!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  218. The Return of Shell Shocker  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  219. Ponyta's one hot pony!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  220. No Cadavers for Kadabra!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  221. Pikachu, I Choose You!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  222. Zubats and Golbats...EVERYWHERE!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  223. The Battle of the Titans!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  224. Goldenblackhawk Down!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  225. Spooky Door and Signs on the Rise!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  226. Amazing Upgrades to MC Daily  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  227. Shell Shocker gets Chilly!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  228. Steven gets Trickered!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  229. The Mighty Gyarados!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  230. Nothing will Happen Wrong! -Steven2013  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  231. Prepping to Conquer the Moon  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  232. Fly Me to the Moon!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  233. The Bubble Boys!  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  234. My Pokemon Team is OP  -  Ft Kevin and Steven
  235. Immortal gets Shocked!  -  Ft Immortal
  236. Ginger Safari Man Attacks!  -  Ft Immortal
  237. Miltank Shaming!  -  Ft Immortal
  238. The Death of an Amazing Pokemon :(  -  Ft Immortal
  239. Oddish the Great!  -  Ft Immortal
  240. Immortal Rises with Fire!  -  Ft Immortal
  241. The Happiest Oddish  -  Ft Immortal
  242. What a Gloomy Day!  -  Ft Immortal
  243. The Great Pokeball Salesman!  -  Ft Immortal
  244. Nice to Mew You!  -  Ft Immortal
  245. My Mew Workout Program!  -  Ft Immortal
  246. In The Search of Riches!  -  Ft Immortal
  247. Kevin, The Destroyers of Worlds!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  248. Farming For a Better Future!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  249. Troubles Between Steven and Immortal!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  250. Snorlax Eats Healthy!?  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  251. Lvl 38 Walter is a Joke!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven and Immortal
  252. THE SECOND BATTLE VS STEVEN!!!!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, and Immortal
  253. The Rise of Lapras!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, and Immortal
  254. No Chance With Chancey  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, and Immortal
  255. THE MOTHER OF ALL POKEMON!  -  Ft Kevin, Steven, and Immortal
  256. Pokemon in the Nether?  -  Ft Steven
  257. My New Mysterious Dragon :D  -  Ft Steven
  258. Steven is looking to catch himself a girl  -  Ft Steven
  259. The Cave of Riches!  -  Ft Steven
  260. A new found mistake!  -  Ft Steven
  261. Mew is now unbeatable!  -  Ft Steven
  262. I almost got struck by Thunder TWICE!!!  -  Ft Steven
  263. Steven is a pro CoD player?  -  Ft Steven
  264. The Magical Koi pond  -  Ft Steven
  265. Trolling Steven again xD  -  Ft Steven
  266. THE BOYS ARE BACK!  - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  267. The Ultimate Challenge!?  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  268. OMG A FOSSIL  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  269. TeamWork on McDaily!?!?  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  270. Kevin pulls a Smart move!  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  271. FOSSILS COME ALIVE  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  272. The 3 Man Battle!  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  273. Pokemon Master...For Now!  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  274. Steven's Logic!   -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  275. The Voice of the people  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  276. Mew Lvl.100 GG  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  277. The Fixed Battle xD  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  278. Sly, The Builder!  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  279. A Fireplace for Chickens!  -  Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  280. Candidate Kevin, takes the stand! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  281. Team Force Updateyourgame! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  282. Team FU Strikes! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  283. Kevin's SugarDaddy! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  284. Super Cool Steven Arrives! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  285. Trolling Team FU HARD! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  286. Dragon at Night! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  287. The Zapdos Wiki? - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  288. A Fossil for a friend! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  289. A poor excuse for a Legendary! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  290. The Rules of Pixelmon in Daily! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  291. Who gets to be Mayor? - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  292. A new Pokemon Master :( - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  293. Search Warrant for the TFU tower! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  294. BackStory to TFU! - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  295. A new TFU Leader? - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  296. Something is missing! - Ft Kevin and Steven
  297. A day that will live FOREVER! - Ft Kevin and Steven
  298. Some weird Kindness! - Ft Kevin and Steven
  299. Am I now part of the Darkside? - Ft Kevin and Steven
  300. The Fall of T.F.U. - Ft Kevin, Immortal and Steven
  301. Kevin's foggy memory! - Ft Kevin
  302. Looking for the Gold Blood! - Ft Kevin
  303. Memories of Immortal - Ft Kevin
  304. The Blair Witch Villa - Ft Kevin
  305. The Search of a Lost Friend! - Ft Kevin
  306. STEVEN RETURNS! - Ft Kevin and Steven
  307. Advance Hipos! - Ft Kevin and Steven
  308. Kangaroo Jack DIED OMG! - Ft Steven
  309. House in the Heavens! - Ft Steven
  311. A Dungeon Finally accepts us! - Ft Steven
  312. Mind Control Monsters! - Ft Steven
  313. In the Search of Wyverns - Ft Steven and Michael
  314. The Mystical Wyvern Wand - Ft Steven and Michael
  315. We have to go where? - Ft Steven and Michael
  316. THE WYVERN WORLD! - Ft Steven and Michael
  317. Well SoTotallyToby is here :D! - Ft Steven and SoTotallyToby
  318. I tried to save Stevens Horse D: - Ft Steven and SoTotallyToby
  319. These greedy Dragons! - Ft Steven and SoTotallyToby
  320. Toby's New Family :D - Ft Steven and SoTotallyToby
  321. SO MANY PEOPLE IN A CALL - Ft Steven, Kevin, SoTotallyToby and Michael
  322. PARTY AT STEVENS!!!! - Ft Steven, Kevin, SoTotallyToby and Michael
  323. Steven is a bad mother! - Ft Steven, Kevin, SoTotallyToby and Michael
  324. OUR BABY WYVERN IS BORN!!! - Ft Steven, Kevin, SoTotallyToby and Michael
  325. The Dragon Airport - Ft Steven, Kevin, SoTotallyToby and Michael
  326. Steven's Dragon is amazing! - Ft Steven, Kevin, SoTotallyToby and Michael
  327. Sorry for the delay ┐('~`;)┌ - Ft Steven and Michael
  328. The Homies explain the Bop! - Ft Steven and Michael
  329. Horse Race announce! - Ft Steven and Michael
  330. Race track preparations! - Ft Steven and Michael
  331. The Big Race! - Ft Steven and Michael
  332. Lights, Camera, Daniel! - Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  333. Info on Season 2 of Minecraft Daily - Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  334. The Animal Hospital !?!? Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  335. Death by Racoon, yes a Racoon! Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  336. Vandalism - Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  337. Horse Food Time - Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  338. The Horse Whisperer! - Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  339. Stevens Special Horse... - Ft Steven, Kevin and Danz
  340. It's not over until we hit 365 baby! - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  341. Dragon Stealing! - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  342. Cupquakes House repairs! - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  343. Restore the Population of Daily? - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  344. Omg whats inside Immortals house?! - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  345. Dragon Jacked! - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  346. Taking a shower with Burns - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  347. The Fly Off! - Ft Steven, Alex and Jose
  348. To build for Lucie - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  349. Returning to memory lane! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  350. Michael's tribute! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  351. The Yes is No Mini Game! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  352. A Wrap to the backwards game :3 - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  353. The Blood Bath Mini Games! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  354. UberHaxorDone - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  355. Tribute to Cupquake! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  356. Awesome TFU Parkour! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  357. GG Parkour GG - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  358. Statue Battles? - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  359. Steven Bm's again! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  360. Archery Mini Game! - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  361. Cactus Lake Mini Game - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  362. Trolling Steven - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  363. Spider Wall Mini Game - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  364. Spider Wall 2, Spider Harder - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz
  365. The End - Ft Steven, Alex, Jose and Katukaz


Due to the server of the series having recently been updated to Minecraft 1.6.2, a completely new modpack is being created by Steven. This modpack will be shown when it is posted on Steven's channel.

Significant Mods

Mo' Creatures

The Mo’ Creatures mod for 1.4.2 was introduced at the beginning of the series and became the most prevalent mod in the series until its removal after Episode 149. Sly and Lucie came across a rare Pegasus roaming around their area in Episode 1. It was tamed and given the name, “sly is a butt” but this was later changed to “Glidey Jr Delux”, a reference to SSoH’s horse in The Ex-Communicated Series. In Episode 9, Glidey Jr Delux turned back into a regular horse. Sly also tamed four other horses and they were labeled: Jesus Christ, Not Jesus Chris, Metallica and Children’s Advil. All the horses lived in a pit near Sly’s cabin with a donkey named “Felix” and were later relocated to Sly’s barn. A tamed goat named “Billy” also wandered around the town before being killed by Michael in Ep. 37. Nova tamed a horse in Episode 36, which was named “Anal Destroyer”. Anal Destroyer was later kept in a small pen which Nova eventually built his house around. Throughout the series, bears, turtles and rabbits were also tamed by certain guests. One giant turtle got trapped within the opening of the Twilight portal and remained there for close to 100 episodes. After the mod was removed, all of the tamed animals disappeared excluding Anal Destroyer, who was reincarnated into an NPC character for the Custom NPCs mod.

The mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 was brought back in Episode 313. Sly and Steven discovered a new way to kill animals by hanging them with rope. Sly’s new goal was simply to find and tame a Wyvern. Sly, Michael, Steven and Toby all obtained Wyvern Portal Staffs and explored the Wyvern World, but were unsuccessful in their ultimate mission. After Kevin joined the group, they each managed to obtain enough Wyvern eggs to distribute between each person. Steven had to retrieve another egg when his newly hatched baby dragon flew away after a Golem attack. After all the Wyverns were fully grown, the group decided to build an airport for them inside a mountain next to Rachel’s house. Steven and Michael are currently the only group members that own two dragons each. Danz also received a Wyvern when he joined the series, which he keeps in his house.

Twilight Forest

The Twilight Forest mod was a major component of Minecraft Daily ever since its installation. Steven’s opening of the Twilight portal in Episode 48 was considered to be the turning point of the series (making the transition to a survival-based adventure rather than slow-paced structure building). Together, Sly, Kevin and Steven explored a number of landmarks and discovered new bosses. Other guests such as Diction, Ze, ChimneySwift, Cupquake, Pbat, Rachelkip, Michael, HuskyMudkipz, Katukaz and Sky have also visited the forest. Sly and his guests have defeated three Twilight Liches (Ep. 62, 100 & 133), two Nagas (Ep. 101 & 134) and a Hydra (Ep. 113). Aside from the main goal of defeating bosses, Sly also set other goals, one being to provide every color of wool to a Giant Ram in the forest. Sly created a rule that teleportation would only be allowed in the Twilight Forest, and not the Overworld, due to the large size of the forest and more hazardous situations. As of Episode 150, this mod has been removed.

Rival Rebels

The Rival Rebels mod was introduced in Episode 102 and was typically used for griefing and clearing out obstacles. The mod added a variety of new weapons, explosives, flags and armor into the list of items. Sly, Kevin, Ze, Steven, Nova and Immortal have all experimented with the mod over the course of the series. Sly’s main weapon was the Tesla coil gun (first used in Ep. 112), which kills enemies and destroys blocks instantaneously. The most destructive item, the nuclear bomb, was persistently mentioned by Steven. A grief battle that had been occurring between Sly and Steven culminated in the planting of 7 nukes under Steven’s house as a form of retaliation.

For the 200th episode special, Sly collaborated with Steven to create a WTF Edition mini-movie that heavily utilized all the weapons in the mod. Sly, Steven, Immortal, Ze and Michael acted as Power Rangers and fought off endless hordes of vicious, overpowered monsters that waged war on the town of Guam. The episode ends with Sly sacrificing himself to nuke the floating enemy ship, but it is subsequently revealed that the entire episode was a dream sequence. In the normal timeline, Sly fulfilled Steven’s wish of detonating a nuke, which was placed in Immortal’s house and annihilated the town as a result (Ep. 206). As of Episode 216, this mod has been uninstalled.


The Familiars mod was introduced in Episode 102 and was first used by Sly, Kevin and Steven in Episode 105. After creating a FamGuide, players are able to equip a small "familiar" that can be unlocked through XP points. There are many different familiars but each one gives the user a different type of enhanced skill or ability. Sly's most used familiars are the Ocelot, which gives him faster sprinting and the Rana, which gives higher jumping with no fall damage. From Episode 151 onwards, a FamGuide can be purchased for a block of dirt from a Custom NPC 'Oprah' found in an extension of Sly's horse stable.


The DivineRPG mod was added in Episode 150 to replace the Twilight Forest mod (see above). The mod contains various new worlds, weapons, mobs and bosses. Sly's primary weapons for this mod were the Slime Sword and the Mythril Blade. Sly and Steven took down the Ender Dragon, after many attempts, in Episode 170. The Ender Dragon’s Egg was placed in Sly’s house as a trophy and stayed there until Ep. 305, when it was destroyed by Kevin offscreen. Sly and Immortal summoned the Watcher boss in the Nether and successfully defeated it in Episode 184. With the help of Immortal, Steven and Zombi, Sly defeated 4 Ancient Entities in the Overworld (Ep. 191, 195 & 214). Sly and his guests explored the Dravite Hills, the Azurite Forests, the Uvite Islands and the Mythril Mountains. He also discovered the snow dimension, Iceika. The portals to each Twilight dimension were located in Sly’s underground house. As of Episode 216, this mod has been uninstalled.

Custom NPCs

The Custom NPCs mod was first used in Episode 151. Some of the main NPC characters added for the DivineRPG arc of the series include: Maurice (who organises quests and gives rewards), Starter Joe (an Enderman who provides the "starter pack") and Babooshka (who can teleport the player to a specific place in the town). New NPCs were added every Minecraft Daily session and could be seen building and walking around the town. In the 200th episode special, several overpowered NPC boss mobs were unleashed upon the town. From Episode 216 onwards, Starter Joe’s original position was replaced by a Pokemon Center to accompany the Pixelmon mod. Other important NPCs such as Maurice and the Guam Guards lived in temporary exile outside the boundaries of the town on an abandoned beach. They were replaced by Professor Oak and Officer Jenny respectively for the Pixelmon arc of the series. Maurice made his return in Episode 313, and stood at the town centre before relocating to an eastbound mini-fortress after the hiatus. As of Episode 348, this mod has been uninstalled due to unknown problems during the second hiatus.


The Pixelmon mod for 1.5.2 was added in Episode 216 to replace the DivineRPG mod (see above). Sly, Kevin, Steven and Immortal tested out this mod, which brings the world of Pokemon into Minecraft. Sly’s starter Pokemon was a Squirtle named ‘Shell Shocker’, after the Blastoise in the first Pokemon Movie. Starter Pokemon were also given to Steven (Charmander), Immortal (Bulbasaur) and Kevin (Eevee). Sly’s final Pokemon team consisted of: Dragonite, Mew, Charizard, Zapdos, Blastoise and Miltank. His Mew, Dragonite, Zapdos and Miltank were all Lvl. 100 primarily due to being force-fed Rare Candy. Steven, Kevin, and Immortal were also in possession of at least one Lvl. 100 Pokemon each. All four trainers owned gyms that were built around the town area. Immortal and Steven’s sandstone gyms reside near Immortal’s house, while Kevin’s underground gym and Sly’s underwater gym are located in an area far east from the town.

In Ep. 281, after Immortal covered Steven's house in lava, Steven and Kevin founded "Team Force Update", forming a rivalry against Sly and Immortal (Team BBF). Steven's revamped house, named the "TFU Tower", was their base of operations. Their main goals included trying to steal Sly's Pokemon (especially Mew) and murdering the innocent with bread. After an election process and a Pokemon battle, Immortal was officially titled the Mayor of Guam and Ultimate Pokemon Master. During the events leading up to Ep. 300, Sly joined TFU after much convincing, but had his Mew stolen afterwards.

The hour-long 300th episode special followed Sly and Immortal as they attempted to locate the hidden TFU fortress while fighting off monsters in their path. After finding the fortress and working their way up the building, they were confronted by Kevin, who challenged Immortal to a Pokemon battle. Sly discovered Steven at the top of the tower, keeping Mew prisoner in the form of a petrified stone statue. It is revealed that TFU planned to harvest Mew's energy to create Shadow Pokemon and take over Guam ("Operation Black Screen"). The ensuing final battle to decide Mew's ownership ended with a Sly victory. Steven refused to hand over Mew and rigged the TFU fortress to self-destruct instead. The episode ended with Immortal falling to his death and Sly retrieving his Mew statue from the ruins. It is revealed after the credits that a petrified Steven is still alive. In Kevin's POV of Minecraft Daily, it is revealed that he escaped the tower using a hidden teleporter and faked memory loss in the following recording session with Sly. He originally planned to revive Steven by using a Fossil Machine.

As of Episode 305, this mod has been uninstalled.


The Aether mod for 1.6.2 was added in Episode 305 to replace the Pixelmon mod (see above). The story from the Pixelmon mod continued as Kevin confirmed that he was the real mastermind of Team Force Update and was brainwashing Steven. Kevin built a crane outside his house which created a portal to the Aether. There, Sly and Kevin found Steven, and they began exploring dungeons in the new world. Sly and Steven managed to build a small house in the area while being relentlessly attacked by Zephyrs (referred to as "Clouds" by Sly). They also explored another dungeon after many attempts to enter. The mod was uninstalled as of Episode 313 due to too many bugs and glitches on the server.


  • As of early 2014, the series has amassed over 46 million views on YouTube. The most popular episode is Episode 300, which currently has over 740k views.
  • The members of the Season 1 main crew: Steven (SCMowns2), Kevin (GoldenBlackHawk) and Aleks (ImmortalHD) all made appearances in over 100 episodes. Steven was the most frequent guest on the series with 273 total episodes featured.
  • Steven died the most out of any other participant on the series, totaling 174 deaths in Season 1.
  • Sly had the most recorded deaths in a single episode with 30 in Episode 77.
  • Sam (IAmSp00n) and Rachel are the only guests with no recorded deaths on the series
  • Steven owns the tallest house in the town. It is the only home that reaches a higher altitude than Ze's highway system. He also made the tallest structure; the town lighthouse.
  • Episode 300 was the longest episode in the series, clocking in at 1 hour and 36 seconds. The shortest episode was Episode 351, which ran for 9 minutes and 34 seconds.
  • The series has not always been daily. Episodes 42/43, 57/58, 102/103, 121/122, 143/144/145, 151/152, 156/157/158, 161/162/163, 197/198, 207/208/209, 216/217, 247/248, 266/267, 278/279 and 308/309 were uploaded on the same day to cover for missing episode(s) from the previous day. (Note: There were no catch-up episodes uploaded for the missing days, Aug 10th-13th, Aug 18th-25th, Aug 31st-Sep 10th, Sep 23rd, Oct 4th-23rd, Oct 29th-Nov 18th). Post-hiatus, Sly confirmed that the series would be uploaded regularly but no longer daily due to preparations for the final (365th) episode. This idea was later scrapped and episodes returned to their normal schedule.
  • Due to the temporary implementation of Sly’s new "9000 likes system" on 14th June '13, many episodes were able to be uploaded on the same day. This new rule was put in place from Episodes 223 to 258.
  • The world has been reverted back to a previous save four times: after the WTF edition (Ep. 37-40), WTF edition v2.0 (Ep. 78-81), WTF edition mini-movie (Ep. 200) and Episode 206. This was because of destruction and damage to the town reaching unrepairable levels. Many homes were saved (and deleted) in the process.
  • The circular centre of the town has been occupied by structures such as: Super Toilet (Ep. 120-246) and a Groudon Statue (Ep. 247-299). Super Toilet was relocated to the top floor of Sly's overground cabin. The Groudon Statue was stolen by TFU and has not been recovered.
  • An hour's worth of Twilight Forest footage after Ep. 56 from Sly's perspective was unable to be uploaded. This lost footage can be viewed on both Kevin and Steven's channels. Additionally, Sly lost a small amount of footage after Ep. 91. The rest of this specific recording can be seen on Steven and Cupquake's channels.
  • Dexter did not appear as a guest on the series, but made a brief background cameo in Ep. 139.
  • Sly revealed that there were two original "milestone episode" concepts for the Season 1 finale that were scrapped due to time constraints (and the subscriber poll):
  1. Bringing back a group of people who had previously been on the series and going on an expedition to the Nether to rescue Immortal/Aleks (who was "killed off" in Ep. 300).
  2. A Minecraft Marriage crossover finale where the wives were kidnapped and taken to the Minecraft Daily world and the husbands (Kevin & Sly) had to rescue them.


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