On March 12 2020 Ze, Gassy, Danz and Sp00n played Minecraft together for the first time in years. They all streamed Minecraft origanally as a one off, however Sly joined in the first stream, and Chilled wanted to join but missed out. Due to other wanting to join and the popularity of the stream it became a ongoing series.

The streamEdit

Sp00n was the first to die from a creeper, and first to die from a player (Ze did a friendly swipe on him). Gassy was not in game at the start as he was cooking, on his phone and various other tasks.

Sp00n said he was a racist. Ze dug a racist hole for him. Spoon then said the joke is over, but he's still a racist. The others joked that this sounded like an older style commentary.

Then Dan was on speed*. He wanted to make a remix but Max refused, because it was his thing.

Max' cooking made Ze's chat hungry.

Ze made a floor of his own/communal house. He invited Sp00n, he accepted but then moved to Dan's house. When Max joined Sp00n moved in with him and showed Ze his ass. Later, Sly joined in the stream.

On April 9, 2020, they did another stream, this time with the edition of Junkyard and Chilled. Unlike the last stream which was mainly goofing around and running gags, in this stream they caught up and talked over the past years. They described this as feeling like a Creature Talk episode. Max took longer to be on stream as he was on 'Max time'.

By the end of the second stream the objective was set for the series, "complete" the game by defeating the ender dragon.


Stream Participants 
1 (March 12 2020) Ze, Danz, Gassy, Sp00n, Sly
2  (April 9, 2020) Ze, Danz, Gassy, Sly, Junk, Chilled
3 (April 13, 2020)


  • Ze criticised the wiki and joked about its mistakes. Originally this page was added by a viewer as part of that joke.
  • In the first stream Ze's chat mentioned China Prime but Sly decided that was one he would leave in the past. Ze also joked about the TreeHouse and said what the Brown
  • In the second stream the group paid homage to running gags and phrases such as Hipo, Gay Tony and Detroit.

Other CreaturesEdit

  • Dex mentioned in a stream that he feels that he wouldn't fit in when streaming as he missed a lot of the early days and wasn't a Creature for long.
  • Sly mentioned that Nova and ImmortalHD both declined his offer to join.
  • All the former Creatures in these streams have made it clear that they don't want to force others into the stream and have asked fans to respect that.
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