Mob vs. Mob is a "segment/spin-off" of Nova's singleplayer Minecraft series.

Episode Structure

Episodes usually follow the same pattern, starting out with Nova flying around a giant arena he made telling us about what is going to be fighting, or how he got the idea for those creatures to fight, spawning in the mobs that are going to be fighting (in large quantities, usually 50 - 200), and finally breaking down the wall seperating them and watching them fight. Some episodes include special things such as more than just two mobs, and Nova himself fighting in with one of the teams.


So far there are five Mob vs. Mob episodes...

  1. Nova Spleefing w/ Monkeys & Blue Dragons vs Bears
  2. Nova vs. Ogres
  3. Creepers vs Wolves
  4. Zombies vs. Wolves
  5. Floobs vs. Guinea Pigs


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