Momma Anal is Nova's Sims 4 character, made after Accepted Anal. She is the mother of Accepted Anal and stepmother of Denied Anal. She is a large black woman with saggy breasts, a skirt, and piercing beady eyes. She wears a dress, blue shoes, and a pimp hat.


Momma Anal on the left.


Despite her appearance, Momma Anal is loving of both of her sons. She does, however, get into fights with Accepted Anal. The both do, however, love each other, as Accepted Anal brightens her day. With Denied, she has no problems so far.

The Sims 4

In the Sims 4, Momma Anal gets doused by a wine red liquid from Accepted Anal. However, he apologizes by brightening up her day.


  • Momma Anal likes to talk to herself.


  • Probably a pimp



  • Accepted Anal
  • Denied Anal
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