Mr Eow or Mreow was a horse owned by Gassy Mexican, Kootra and Nova in their Minecraft Tree Fortress Reborn series. Mreow is supposed to be meow, but was a typo.

History[edit | edit source]

When trying to tame a horse, Gassy found a horse with red eyes which he wanted to name The Horse of Gazathor, or just Gazathor. Kootra began to blurt out random names from his other series while Gassy trapped it in a wood shack. As Gassy tried to feed him wheat, Nova planted it. After many attempts, Nova remembered you needed a saddle. Kootra put a saddle on it and gloated that it was his now, making Gassy mad, and as Gassy was telling Kootra to get off so he can name it Kootra selfishly tried to name it 'meow' but typoed it and spelt "Mreow". Gassy then decided to calling it Mr. Eow instead of Mreow because the latter sounded too retarded.

Mr Eow or Mreow mysteriously went missing or was killed in the Tree Fortress 3.0 when Kootra had returned from his honeymoon. (Most likely after a creeper explosion close to the stable.)

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