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Sp00n's and Nova's characters.

Nonsensical Saints Row is a series that lasted 68 episodes for Saints Row The Third including the DLC by Nova and Sp00n playing the action game Saints Row the Third, and was also played with Saints Row IV.


Saints Row The Third

When Saints Row the Third was released, Nova originally did the 'Nonsensical' type format where he put in only the funny/interesting parts, much like how he did in Skyrim. However, after several episodes, he quit that format and switched to a playthrough style. After killing rival gangs, wrecking buildings, and driving away from the cops while listening to 'I need a Hero', Sp00n crashed a plane into Nova, causing his game to crash. In the next episode, the duo stated that they were playing the game on the PC now.

Saints Row IV

When Saints Row IV was released, the duo returned to make a Let's play of the game. Just like he did with Saints Row the Third, Nova created a new Ginger Powder 3.0 for the game, who he later put in a Luchadore mask and dubbed him "Lucha Powder".


  • Nova's character is an ugly, fat, ginger haired male crossdresser that is bug-eyed, has a broken nose, a permanent duck face and a cockney accent. He is named Ginger Powder.
  • After Sp00n crashed Nova's game, Nova proceeded to make his character even uglier than before, telling Sp00n it was because of the plane that he had crashed into Ginger Powder.
  • Nova's game has crashed at least three times in total, usually because of something Sp00n has done.
  • Sp00n crashed the plane into Nova on the 11:02 mark of episode 18 by awkward coincidence.
  • Nova has stated that he thinks this was one of his best playthroughs ever.
  • This was the first installment of the "Nonsensical" series, as Nova would later name other series the same, such as Nonsensical Heavy Rain and Nonsensical Dead Island Rip-Tide.
  • Dan and Kootra also started playing through the game as well. Their characters were also very ugly looking. Dan's was based on Uncle Tommy (before being in the Dry-Wall business), and Kootra's was supposed to be an older Harry Potter after his movie career.