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Markus 'Notch' Persson
is the main antagonist of the Creature's Minecraft playthroughs. He has a fictional fued with Nova. Notch is an actual fan of the Creatures.

History with Creatures

When the Tree Fortress started Kootra and James complained that Notch made that horrible seed (map generator) for the map, though it is totally random. During the and other series, the Creatures blamed most problems with Notch such as skins not appearing.

When Seamus and Nova were playing The Minecraft parkouring map, The Cube, Nova got extremely frustrated with the ladder jumps and blamed Notch for them yelling "God-damnit Notch! Fix these fucking ladders!".

Notch recently burnt down the Creatures' 2nd Tree House (fake), he was shown running away with flint and steel.

Notch has stated that he loves the Creatures and would be intimidated if he would star on Creature Talk.


  • One night on Creature Talk, the Creatures told the fans to tell Notch to guest star on the podcast, over 1000 tweets and channel comments were sent to Notch, but Notch has never replied anything about it.
  • Notch is following James and Kootra on Twitter.
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