Nova's Mom
Name Martha (allegedly)
Age Unknown
Creature Connections Nova

Nova's Mom, Martha, makes several small cameos throughout his videos. She is most known for hating Sheamus (WWE wrestler whose name sounds like Seamus) and her inability to play video games. Nova is aware of how his fan base enjoys her appearances and has often made her deliver the punch lines in his Machinima videos.


During commentaries, a faint female voice can be heard talking to James asking for him to do stuff. This is his mother. His subscribers have asked for more videos of her playing games. She has played Techno Kitten Adventure, Mario Kart, Dead Space 2, and Happy Wheels (Episode 69) and in episode 200. In Episode 4 of James' Kiddy Corner series (Club Penguin Game Day), she swears at him, saying "NOBODY F*CKING CARES!" after James had informed her that he won. Nova starts crying after the comment. In one of James' Kiddy Corner's (Episode 7), she cursed at James again saying "Hey! Stop that f*cking stomping!" as James was raging at a game (planned). She was also in Nova's video of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm, where, at the end of the video, Naruto sticks his fingers in Kakashi's butt, when Nova starts raging. Then, his mother shouts, "WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU PLAYING?!" A while ago, Nova stated that the lack of "My Mom Plays" was due to her having surgery or an operation on her arm making Nova not want to risk permanent damage. Nova's Mom was in one of Nova's Rage Videos. In the video, Nova doesn't see any changes in Minecraft 1.0.0, so he calls her to his room. She responds by saying "This is what you've been up here bitching about!?" Then she takes his keyboard away from him forever.



  • During a game of S.O.C.O.M. 4, Seamus asked Nova to tell his Mom he said "Hi", and in response she said "Seamus? Oh, I hate Seamus." By this, she meant the WWE Superstar, Sheamus.
  • During Nova's video, "My Mom Plays / Hates Dead Space 2" at the time mark, 1:50, when the lady asks Isaac if he's there, Nova's Mom responds by saying, "No, it's Martha," leaving some to believe that might be his Mom's name.
  • She, along with Dan's Dad, are the only parents of Creatures to appear in videos.
  • According to Nova, he yells at his Mom the same way he yells at Jordan.

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