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Pogostick Man


Creature Short Appearances

Year Title Role Notes
2012 Sly's Arrival Gumby Not Credited
2012 Bunny Bust Bunny
2012 Meanwhile Himself Briefly; not credited
2012 Bunny Green Screen Bunny
2012 Goodbye Red Velvet Bunny/Himself Briefly some behind the scenes footage from Bunny Bust; not credited
2012 Call of Creature: Modern Nerf-War Himself
2012 Bunny Bust II Gumby/Hippy Hippy only in part 2
2013 The Hangover: Creature Edition Himself
2013 Ze's Short Various
2013 Trick or Treat Old Man Didn't speak
2013 Where's Seamus? Himself
2014 Creatures of the Living Dead Zombie
2015 Five Nights at Freddy's | LIVE ACTION short film Himself, Boombox gangster, Tammy Bowdrie
2015 The Martians | Parody Vincent Hunt


Note: Not all of them are there

Year Title Role Notes
2008 The Vidmaster Reward
2009 Mr. Christian Bale Halo Rant
2009-2010 A World Turning
2009 Franchise Failures: Resident Evil 5 VS Mode
2009 Mothers Day: Grudge Match 
2013-Present Sanity Not Included Various First appeared (as voice actor) in season 4; written by ImmortalDexter
2014 The Little Guys The Big Boss
2014 Bravo Team: Drug Bust (SFM Short) Swat man Also written by him.
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