• He was the first Creature to obtain one million subscribers, doing so on July 30th, 2012.
  • He announced during the 59th Creature Talk that he would name his fan base the Anal Army.
  • Though he goes by the names UberHaxorNova (YouTube) and Paragon Nova (Minecraft/Xbox), James stated during an episode of Creature Talk that he always wanted to be known simply as Nova.
  • He was the last Creature to be swapped to the YouTube One Channel design, and he never did it voluntarily; YouTube forced the change on him.
  • He believes his Dead Rising 2 playthrough with Sp00n was the cause for their popularity.
  • His outro song is "Thumper" by Waterflame.
  • His most popular video is WOOL


  • His original Minecraft skin was Chuck Greene, the main character from Dead Rising 2.
  • He played Happy Wheels often on his channel. Jim Bonacci, the creator of Happy Wheels, even made a character that James voice-acted, named Pogostick Man.
  • In Episode 8 of his Just Cause 2 multiplayer series, he was attacked by Chilled and Diction, who were trying to take his car; they did not know that it was Nova from whom they were stealing.
  • He was the second player to be eliminated from the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Hardcore Tournament.
  • He won the Polaris Speedrunners Rumble Zone Tournament while at PAX Prime.


  • He had a job at a Twizzlers factory before making YouTube commentaries.
  • He would mimic Kootra by pinching his nose and saying, "What the brown?"
  • His dog Ein was loosely based on the corgi from the anime Cowboy Bebop.
  • When he lived in the old Creature House, he hung up posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber in plain view of his webcam. Whether or not he genuinely likes those performers, he has stated that the posters exist to troll his fan base. He had also hung up posters saying "I still copy," which is a reference to the notion that gamers "copy" each others series by playing the same games. It is also a reference to the fan flame wars between his fans and PewDiePie's.
  • He has the most remixes out of all the Creatures; due to his Wool video.
  • He voiced W4DE in the TR4PVILLE pilot episode, as well as in the RTX 2013 Special.
  • In the past, James has had a dislike of ChilledChaos.
    • As of March 2013, James and Chilled appear to have resolved their problems,  and they appeared together in this photo

      Nova and Chilled, Pax East 2013

      on James' Twitter, with which he captioned, "Someone touched my nipple @ChilledChaos."
    • On September 25 2014, Nova uploaded a video of him, Chilled, and Ze (along with many other Youtubers) playing Gmod Deathrun.
  • Gassy Mexican's removal from the Creatures was done by voting. When asked about his vote, James believed that things should take their natural course. Technically, his vote was neutral, but Kootra and Danz indirectly marked it down in favor of Gassy's removal even though James himself would have preferred that Gassy stayed. 
  • He was the only Creature who lived in the second Creature House. All other members (aside from Ze) lived in houses or apartments near the house. This would ultimately be another factor in renting an office, as opposed to another Creature house, when the lease on the second house ran out.
  • He dyed his hair blonde/pink and his beard blonde as a donation milestone for the charity stream on July 26th, 2014; it was dubbed the "Novapolitan" look.
    • His Novapolitan look was later made into a Speedrunners DLC character.
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