Paintball Kitty
Name Kitty Wandel
Age 30
Subscribers 72,000+
Creature Connections All Creatures

Kitty "Paintball Kitty" Wandel is a friend of the Creatures that is known for her skills on Call of Duty and in real paintball. As of currently, she doesn't usually play with the Creatures.


Kitty started with just vlogs and paintball videos that got somewhat popular. Later, she got into video gaming, then commentary. After getting more subscribers and views, she received a Machinima Respawn contract. She currently resides in Georgia near FPS Russia's home as his manager and producer. She is happily married to her husband who is in the US Navy. She is known for appearing in the old Creature Talks and Creature Minecraft Server videos. She met the creatures in person at PAX East 2012.

The reason why she hasn't been involved that much online anymore is she has many problems with her back and spine at the moment and is going through treatment.

Main GamesEdit

  • Minecraft
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Monday Night Combat

    Kitty and Notch


  • One of Kitty's friends, Borg, has passed away and she has left pictures saying 'Borg was here' around her pages.
  • Kitty has met Notch in real life.
  • She tries to stay out of the face cams.
  • She hates horror games.
    • Kitty explained on Creature Talk (episode one) that Sp00n tricked her into playing Dead Space 2, with Gassy in the call. When a jump scare came she screamed, Gassy laughed his head off and her husband dropped his laptop. She agreed to do a playthrough of it.
  • She has posted videos on her YouTube channel of her and the well-known FPSRussia and Whiteboy7thst.
  • She tends to play on SFT ( and currently has the largest AutoShop there, gathering around a couple million a day. She enjoys calling TRITIUMNITR0X by the nickname she crafted for him, which is "Titty".
  • She personally knows crazy Russian hacker.
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