Pallet man

Pallet Man is a character and running gag within the Creature universe. He is a man that lives in the Denver area that drives around in his truck picking up and delivering mountains of pallets to local businesses and buildings.


Pallet Man's first appearance was in a self-titled video, Pallet Man, in which he is seen transporting an excessive amount of pallets on the back of his truck. This is what intrigued The Creatures, as there were so many pallets on board that the back of his truck was almost touching the ground. Not much else is known about him, but ever since his first appearance, he has been sighted on multiple occasions. Intern Joe and Artist Joe even got the chance to meet him in person and shake his hand, seen here.


Pallet man shirt

Pallet Man shirt design

  • He has inspired a T-Shirt and a fan made model.
  • On February 9, 2015, Intern Joe and Artist Joe got the chance to meet Pallet Man in person and shake his hand.
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