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Polaris Network is a network currently owned by Disney. During late 2013, Nova became an RPM Partner after quitting Machinima because he didn't like the way that they were treating him, and felt like he was receiving little to no support from them. He was later picked up by Polaris; the rest of the Creatures (exept Sp00n and Ze) are now also partnered with Polaris.

Polaris has helped most of the Creatures by setting them up with a panel at PAX East 2014, where they premiered the second episode of TR4PVILLEKootraSSoHPKCDexDan, Immortal and even the Creature Hub are currently part of Polaris.

Creature AppearancesEdit

The Creatures - GroupEdit

Series With Date Videos Notes
THE CREATURES PANEL - PAX East Kootra, Danz, Sly, Seamus, Nova, and Immortal Apr 16, 2014 1 PAX East Panel 2014
Rumble Zone: Smite Battleground of The Gods Kootra, Sly and Seamus Jun 7-8 2014 3
CREATURES PANEL Nova, Kootra, Dexter Manning, Immortal and GoldenBlackHawk Aug 30, 2014 1 PAX Prime Panel 2014
CREATURES@PAX 2015 Kootra, Nova, Dexter Manning, Immortal and Danz Sep 14, 2015 1 PAX Prime Panel 2015

UberHaxorNova - James Edit

Series With Date Videos Notes
Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Tournament  Markiplier Dec 13-14, 2013 3 Tournament 
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Hardcore
Markiplier, Cry and JonTron
Mar 26, 2014 1 Tournament 
Pax Prime SpeedRunners Tournament: Rumble Zone Strippen, Peanutbuttergamer, Jesse Cox, & Cinnamontoastken

Sept 11-13, 2014

3 (on Polaris)

Anki DRIVE Battle Grand Prix

KootraPewdiepieYogscastDuncan , CinnamonToastKen, EvanTubeHD101DarkMonkey and YogscastSips; Hosted by Jesse Cox & StampyLongHead

Nov, 7-9, 2014


Polaris Outtakes: Horrible Monk Markiplier, JonTron and Cry Jul 22, 2015 1 Animated Highlight

xXSlyfoxhoundXx - SlyEdit

Note: these are for appearances of Sly before he left the Creatures.

Series With Date Videos
The Co-Optional Podcast Jesse Cox, TotalBiscuit and PressHeartToContinue May 1, 2014 1

Kootra - Jordan Edit

Series With Date Videos Notes
Rumble Zone Smite: PROTECT THE NOOB

SjinDodgerWowCrendorProJaredJesse CoxStrippinTotalbiscuitForcesC2Strateg and PeanutbutterGamer

Oct 20-21, 2014 4
Anki DRIVE Battle Grand Prix NovaPewdiepieYogscastDuncan CinnamonToastKenEvanTubeHD , 101DarkMonkey and YogscastSips; Hosted by Jesse Cox & StampyLongHead Nov, 7-9, 2014


Rumble Zone: Block N Load Edition Nova, TheBlackHokageAntVenom and MunchingBrotato May 16, 2015 3
Polaris Outtakes: Holes Nova, JesseCox, CinnamonToastKen, SlyFoxHound and LordMinion777 Jul 7 2015 1 Animated Highlight
FriendZone Dodger, Octopimp and HappiLeeErin Jul 17, 2015 1
Mortal KomBatman - Mash Up Aphmau and Octopimp Aug 28, 2015 1 Animated
Civil War Draft, Pt. 2 Jesse Cox, AngryJoe and TotalBiscuit Sep 14, 2015 1 Brefly in a video call

Dexter Manning - DexEdit

Series With Date Video
Fun Size n/a Nov 19, 2014 1
Constellation Prize  n/a
Let Me Explain DanzNewzDaveControl and Malambri Lisa Malambri; Hosted by Michele Morrow May 26, 2015 1

DanzNewz - DanEdit

Series With Date Video
Let Me Explain Dexter ManningDaveControl and Malambri Lisa Malambri; Hosted by Michele Morrow May 26, 2015 1


Polaris Entry Confirmation

Nova's views on Machinima

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