Princess peach

Princess Peach is an alter ego of Seamus who was introduced in the 24-Hour LiveScream.


Princess Peach is notably known for being a firm believer in the polishing of scepters. She also enjoys flaunting her sexual activities with Bowser, and the fact that she blew Mario off when he was caught cheating on her with Daisy, Luigi, and various Koopa Troopas.


  • She is from an alternate reality. This explains her polishing Bowser's scepter instead of Mario's.
  • She is portrayed as being sexually liberated and open about her exploits.
  • She is renowned for her activities in the bedroom, the likes of which are often too graphic for civilized discussion.
  • Whipped Cream seems to share her sexual deviancy. This is probably both of the alter egos conflicting together in some way.
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