Raccy the raccoon

Raccy during one of his many erratic dances, while trying to host the show at the same time.

Raccy the Racoon is an alter ego of Kootra who was introduced during the 24-Hour LiveScream. It is said that he is from Detroit, where he learned to survive.


Raccy the Raccoon first appeared during the 24-Hour LiveScream where he played Nightmare House 2 alongside Nova, Gassy and Danz. He also went to Chipotle with He-Man and Princess Peach.


  • He didn't think Nightmare House was scary, until he looked up.
  • Uncle Tommy criticized Raccy for being scared while playing as he isn't like Tommy, and he does in fact scare easy.
  • Raccy is known for turning the stream into an NPR styled show at random times, much like Gassy, Danz, and his real ego, Kootra.
  • He finds it funny that Danz sometimes gets "man boners" over Hugh Jackman when he is talking in an accent.
  • It appears he enjoys dancing in very erratic ways, a trait which he shares with his real ego, Kootra.


  • Sir, you look like someone who can put down a lot of Burritos.

    Sly in the Raccy suit

  • We'll haggle.
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