Name Rachel
Age 21
Subscribers 104,000+
Creature Connections Ze and Nova

Rachelkip (also known as Racharu and MissRachel on Minecraft) is a friend of the Creatures that plays Minecraft maps with them once in a while.


Rachelkip is a growing channel of Minecraft videos in which she plays solo servers and in series with the Creatures. She has also added new games to her channel such as The Impossible Game and To The Moon.

Series with the CreaturesEdit

Note: The episode is on her count

Series Creature with episodes/parts Notes
Wifey-Craft Sly, Immortal (partly) 7 seasons

with Sly (season 1-Present), Immortal (1-6) Cynthia (1-2), Mitty (season 3-6), Kevin (7-present), Ashley (7-present); Ongoing

Levi's Nightmare Nova 2 eps Nova had 3 parts
Minecraft Daily Sly 6 eps also with SCMowns
Toribash Ze 24 eps also with Chilled and EatMyDiction1; ongoing


  • She is a pescatarian, which is somebody who is vegetarian but also eats fish.
  • Her brother is a masked hero known as RoBen.
  • She has graduated high school.
  • She has not been to college yet, but she will next year.
  • She is known for her "big dick," according to Nova.
  • She's been the first girl to do a Gay Tony while playing with Nova.
  • She slept with a turtle in Minecraft, according to Sly.
  • She is Pansexual, according to one of her comments in her videos.



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