Seamus with the Red Velvet Cake

The Red Velvet Cake was introduced in the video "Creatures Go Shopping" when Seamus picked it up out of its cart.


Since its purchase in February 2012, it had been sitting on a shelf in the garage of the Creature House. It could be seen in some of the Creatures' videos, such as "Bunny Bust" and "Meanwhile".

Goodbye Red Velvet (Creature Short)

Goodbye Red Velvet (Creature Short)

The end of Red Velvet.

Eventually, Kootra decided that Red needed to be given a proper goodbye as Red's expiration date was 02/05/12 and the date then was 06/12/12. Thus, he made "Goodbye Red Velvet", a short video of himself throwing away Red Velvet. Also, the video was a very short montage of Red throughout the four months it stayed in the Creature House. The Format of this video would later be used in the Goodbye Random Creature House moments video.

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