Reprisal is a Machinima series created by Kootra and was posted on Machinima's main channel. It is probably Kootra's most famous Machinima. Like Warthog Training and many other series, it was never finished. However, a milestone was reached on the Creature 24 Hour Livestream that forced Kootra to make a sequel.

Episode 1Edit

The Machinima begins with a group of soldiers standing in an unknown location, then a sniper shot kills one of them and they start looking for the source. A bomb then goes off as a distraction as the sniper comes out and kills all the other ones. It then goes to a title card saying '4 weeks ago'. The same sniper, Kevin Barrett, is looking at the funeral of his fallen comrade. A supposed friend comes and says it wasn't his fault, but Kevin denies it. The next shot shows the leader of the people who killed the friend (and the men who were mentioned at the beginning). Disappointed at the mercenaries of the fact that they killed Kevin's friend, he shoots the mercenary in anger. While Kevin is in his room, a flashback comes to him, it depicts him attacking a supposed target. A hologram of another teammates pops out and asks him to come to the Citadel, but Kevin says he can't, because of something major. He then goes to the woman that came to the funeral for answers, it is revealed that the man in the flashback is a weapons dealer that was spared by him, but is now revealed to be the leader that was mentioned.

Episode 2Edit

During the Creature 24 Hour Livestream, Kootra set a milestone that would force him to make Episode 2. However, as of July 2015, the second episode has not yet been released and the project has been deemed dead by many fans. This has caused criticism from fans of not only Kootra, but also of the Creatures since many milestones reached had not been completed as of 2013. On April 1st, 2013, Kootra released a video titled "Reprisal - Episode 2 (Mass Effect Machinima)", but it was revealed to be an April Fool's joke. The likelihood of Episode 2 being made was lessened due to the fallout between Gassy, the voice of Kevin Barrett, and Kootra/Danz.

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