"Rick" was an ongoing gag throughout Nova's Quad-Mountain Survival series. It is used multiple times as Nova continuously names his pet turtles Rick.

Rick #1Edit

Rick was the first turtle to be tamed by Nova in his Quad Mountain Survival series. He was named after a character of the same name from the television series The Walking Dead. While failing to tame T-Dog, Nova noticed a turtle, Rick, out of the corner of his eye. Nova's first attempt to tame Rick was successful, and T-Dog soon followed.

Nova then had to transport both of them home, as turtles cannot jump. Being that it was night, this task was made more difficult. Nova placed Rick at the entrance to his house, and went to retrieve T-Dog. Upon returning, Nova was attacked by a Lightning Creeper. Both Rick and T-Dog were set on fire. Nova barely manged to save T-Dog and got to Rick just in time to see him disappear into a puff of smoke. Nova mourned Rick's death, stating that he did not care about T-Dog, and that T-Dog should have died in Rick's place.

Rick #2Edit

Rick #2 was named after Nova's first turtle, Rick. Nova found a turtle, Rick #2, in his house while returning home one day. Rick #2 was tamed and placed in the center of Nova's house. T-Dog, Nova's only other turtle at the time, was still in a narrow pen in the corner of the house. While doing some work on his house, Nova was attacked by a Reverse Creeper, which created a giant hole in the floor. Rick #2 to fell far down into the hole. Nova frantically ran to Rick #2's aid to find him injured, but miraculously still alive.

With Rick #2 now at full health, Nova made a quick escape route out of the hole and attempted to carry Rick #2 out. However, in a freak accident, Nova missed one jump near the top, and they both fell to their deaths. Nova rushed back to see if Rick #2 had survived, but found that he had died. Nova then unloaded on T-Dog, blaming him for what had happened to the second Rick.

Rick #3 / Rick #4 Edit

Rick #3 was named after Nova's first turtle, Rick. Rick #3 was almost killed when Nova accidentally set him on fire with a particle mod Nova was using that collects fire from torches when right-clicking with an empty hand, but managed to save him with water before he was killed.

Rick #4 was named after Nova's first turtle, Rick. Rick #4 was killed when a Reverse Creeper turned over the turtle's pen. Rick #4 was killed at the same time as Yurtle.

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