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Road Trips are recorded trips that The Creatures have taken while going to events. They normally provide insight on their journey, and showcase a few roadside attractions along the way. The group has gone on four road trips so far: Road to E3 2014, The "Mystery" Road Trip, Road to E3 2015, and London.

Current Road TripsEdit

Road to E3 2014Edit

Jordan, Dan, James, and Aleks embarked on a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles to attend E3 2014. Along the way, they stopped at many strange roadside attractions/locations. Landmarks included: 

"Mystery" Road Trip Edit

In May 2015, James took Spencer and Intern Joe on a "secret" road trip. It was later revealed that the trio traveled through New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (starting in Rochester, NY) to stop at some rather interesting attractions. Landmarks included:

Road to E3 2015 Edit

The Creatures and employees working in the office (excluding Artist Joe, Kevin, and Seamus) embarks on another road trip to E3. This year, they will be traveling from Colorado to Los Angeles. Landmarks included:

London TripEdit

Links Edit

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