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Steven "SCMowns" is a friend of the Creatures and is mostly recognized for providing and installing Minecraft mods and making sure they run correctly for their Minecraft series. He has participated in Minecraft Daily & Ghostcraft with Sly, Nova, Aleks, and Ze.


Prior to playing with the Creatures, he was renowned for his modding work on ImmortalHD's Spookycraft series. His involvement would eventually lead to the revival of the John mod, which he re-coded and updated from scratch. He was later introduced to Slyfox, and he became Sly's mod provider for Homiecraft. Steven also created Minecraft "machinima-type" animations for both series (e.g. Spookycraft's Finale & Homiecraft Ep. 100)

He was invited onto Sly's Minecraft Daily series as a guest, but eventually became a prominent member. He was mainly responsible for the installation of mods and integrating them into the series. He acted as the main antagonist of the Pixelmon arc alongside Kevin (TomAnex).

Since his appearance on Sly's channel, he has branched out to other Creatures, helping them by compiling modpacks for their Minecraft series. These include: Nova & Kootra ("Asgard Adventures") and SSoHPKC ("Detroitcraft")


  • Known for his feigned innocence, story-telling and undetectable trolling skills. He uses these characteristics and his knowledge of mods to prank unsuspecting friends in Minecraft. Sly has remarked that he can be loyal and untrustworthy at the same time. Immortal and Sly have resorted to calling him a "F*CKING TROLL!!" usually followed with a "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!?!?" or in Immortal's case," STOP BURNING MY HOUSE/ GET OUT OF MY HOUSE STEVEN!"
  • Has been accused of placing Call of Duty soundbytes into Nova and Kootra's Minecraft modpack, although he has denied this. These sounds can be heard during Nova's perspective of The Ex-Communicated Series, Asgard Adventures and Minecraft Daily.


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