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Sarcasm with Seamus
Thumbnail for the first episode
Channels Creature Hub
Series Start August 13, 2013
Series End December 31, 2015

Sarcasm with Seamus is a "Creature Short inspired" series featuring Seamus as the host. It has become a series that is uploaded to The Creature Hub channel, the first episode airing in August of 2013.

In the second video, Seamus states that the show will only be uploaded once every four months. However, this was proven to be yet another sarcastic quip by Seamus, as the next episode was uploaded a month later.

This series was discontinued as Seamus left The Creatures for health issues.

Official Description

"Join Seamus as he invites you into the truly fascinating world of Sarcasm. The advice and definitions he provides will ensure that you never have to learn anything from anywhere else other than this [series]. If this video doesn't change your life as you know it, you just aren't viewing it properly."


The show has a very simple format that is followed every episode. Seamus will define two words or phrases. Each word/phrase will get about three different definitions, followed by an improvised short featuring a few Creatures engaging in actions or conversations that portray that word. The terms are suggested by users who commented since episode 2. Seamus will also read other comments from videos and respond to them. Of course, going with the theme of the series, Seamus says sarcastic remarks throughout the episode, whether they are about the comments, the set, or anything else. Originally, the words defined were going to be read from the "Dictionary of Sarcasm" that Seamus received for Christmas from Dan, but then the concept of fan requests was used as the words defined with each episode.


Note: A Christmas Special was uploaded between episodes 2 and 3.



Words/Phrases Defined
1 Creatures, Tom Cruise
2 Mullet, Nonchalant
3 Jordan-it-up, Swag

YOLO, Bufu, Egypt

5 Blumpkin, Get Wrekt
6 Jesus Tap Dancing ChristKootra Green

Fabio, Hold My Beer

8 Thirsty, Dirty Dan
9 YouTube Comments, These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty
10 Where's Ze?, YouTube Money
11 Dern Sure, Wot M7?
12 Double by Twice the Amount, Dexter Manning
13 Damn Dude, Nova's Keyboard
14 420 Blaze It, Praise the Sun
15 RIP, Detroit
16 CS:GO Case Openings, Niko Want To Go Bowling?
17 D4nny, Watermark
18 Dern Dude, Pay2Win
19 Gaben, Guile's Theme Goes with Everything
20 It'll Buff Out, Intern Joe
21 Michael Bay, Intervention


  • Most of the phrases and words defined are all familiar gags to the Creature universe.
  • In the credits of episode 1, Aleks' last name is listed as "Marchant". This was the first time his last name, and name in general, had been listed in the credits of a Creature Hub video.
  • The series is recorded by Seamus, Jordan, and Dan, but it usually features improvised skits (or definitions) involving multiple Creatures at the office.
    • It was revealed on the 96th episode of Creature Talk that the Creatures have a new employee who helped them on the set by holding the reflector (Time:1:00:59-1:01:29).
  • Episode 11 was the first uploaded video in which Seamus showed his new haircut (he revealed it at the RTX Panel prior).