This page is about the YouTuber, for the dog from Fable III see Seananners (dog)

Adam "SeaNanners" Montoya is a friend of the Creatures. Known mainly for playing with Chilled, Gassy, and Ze but has met the Creatures and also has appeared in a Creature Hub video.

History with the CreaturesEdit

Originally SeaNanners started out a a YouTuber that the Creatures would mention from time to time. He was first mentioned when Nova named his dog after SeaNanners in his Fable III playthrough with Sp00n. They called the pink alternate costume of the character Amaterastu SeaNanners.

When SeaNanners revealed that he was doing a big livestream Minecraft session with its creator Notch, where people could attend by making video responses, James, Jordan and Max made a Machinima where their Tree Fortress got burnt down and SeaNanners took them in. James, the publisher of the video, was the only one that got in out of the Creatures which left Jordan (Kootra) and Max (Gassy) upset. However James was in a Skype call with the two, whilst recording the stream, telling them what was going on. SlyFox was also present as he helped build most of the structures however during this time he wasn't part of the Creatures.

In 2013 SeaNanners made an appearance on the Creature Hub where he and Sly went against Kootra and Ze on Blacklight: Retribution at Pax Prime.


  • Nova named his in-game dog Seananners in Fable III.
  • Gassy has also been known to do a great SeaNanners impression on various Creature Talks.
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