ENDED! VODs in Desc

ENDED! VODs in Desc. Creature Santa Stream is LIVE!!-0

The Secret Santa 8-Hour Livestream was a stream held on the December 21st, 2013. Each Creature was a Secret Santa and had to buy gifts for the person they picked.

Games Played

  • Killing Floor
  • GTA Online (James Only)
  • Alone in the Dark (James Only)
  • Payday 2
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Demo (James Only)

Secret Santa Gifts

  • Sly - Iron Man 3 Figure, Chicken Toy for Chef, and a ton of bluray discs. (Given by Dan)
  • Danz - Original Batman Movie, Adam West Batman Figure, Batman Pop Figure, Batman Shirt, a Batman Black and White Comic, and something not said. (Given by Sly)
  • James - The Rock and John Cena Plush Wrestlers (Given by Jordan)
  • Jordan - Several Halo Figures, Cup-Cat Shirt, Discovery Kids Exploration Laptop, Red Sox Baseball Hat, Peyton Manning Figure, and Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360 Game  (Given by Aleks)
  • Seamus - Pink Pony, Glidey McHorse, Cat Helmet, Now Thats What I Call USA, Doll, Knee Pads, Pampers Diapers and Bear w/ Recorded Voice (Given by James)
  • Aleks - Russian Building Blocks and Russian Santa Figure (Given by Seamus)


  • All 6 Creatures that participated dressed up as Santa Claus.
  • The chat and most of the group said Jordan was the worst secret Santa.
    • The chat also felt that Seamus was the best secret Santa.
  • Seamus' bear says "I'm Seamus' bear" and "I'm gonna suck your dick." It also plays One Direction.
  • The "Now That's What I Call USA" album was made in Mexico.
  • Jordan took Seamus' pink pony present and rode it down the stairs. Many people in the chat thought he would have died.
    • Aleks and Sly also rode the pony down the stairs, and were the only other Creatures to do it.
  • James molested Aleks with a dick cam.
  • Aleks and Sly both went over the $200 budget, while Jordan only spent about $50.
  • This is the second holiday-themed livestream done by the Creatures.
  • This was the last known recording in The Creature House, which also acted as a send off for the house.
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