Shitdick was one of Nova's pet horses found in the Tree Fortress series.



While exploring the wilderness, Nova found a pegasus, a rare occurrence. The group got excited and fenced the beast inside the pond it was in, after attempts at riding it, Nova finally tamed it and called it Shitdick, the horse was later adopted by Danz. After the horses were killed, Shitdick was the only one left, in a desperate act, Nova killed Shitdick for leather for the plane they were building. A funeral was held shortly afterward, hosted by Nova. Danz still has a grudge against Nova however.


  •  Nova actually had leather, and Seamus said he had leather, so killing Shitdick was unnecessary.
  •  In Hershel's Land, Nova had found a cat, and Danz killed it and said "That's for killing Shitdick!". Nova was very upset.
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