Shotgun Rain is a gag of Seamus'. He will exclaim, "Shotgun Rain!" whenever he uses a shotgun in a game. Seamus will occasionally rate a game based on whether it has given him access to shotguns or not (though kidding). Shotgun Rain is one of the most notable gags of Seamus, and the shotgun itself seems to be his favorite weapon. It is occasionally referenced and used by other Creatures, as well. Started in Let's Play Fallout 3 Part 31: Shotgun Rain.


It is a parody of the song "Chocolate Rain," by TayZonday. Shotgun Rain was first used in Seamus' first Fallout 3 let's play, one of the let's plays that boosted his channel. Shotgun Rain specifically originates in Part 31 of the playthrough, simply entitled, "Shotgun Rain." In the video, Seamus, on a quest in the Arlington Library, encounters Raiders, an enemy faction in the game. However, there are also Brotherhood of Steel members in the building, and, having already been there before Seamus, and having better guns, they are able to take out a few Raiders, stealing Seamus' potential kills. It isn't until the last 40 seconds or so left in the video where Seamus is actually able to kill some Raiders with his shotgun.

Shotgun Rain continues in the next episode of Seamus' original Fallout 3 let's play, Part 32, promptly entitled, "The Second Coming of Shotgun Rain."


Shotgun Rain! / Another person gets the Kurt Cobain'd! / Shotgun Rain! / Another person takes the Lincoln Train! / Shotgun Rain! / Unload into some douchebag's brains!


  • Some people were offended by the song lyrics, probably because of the deaths of both Kurt Cobain and Abraham Lincoln.
  • "Lincoln'd" means to get shot in the back of the head. However, the gun used does not have to be from a shotgun, as even a "Bullet Bill" from Mario will suffice.
  • During the Creature/Yogscast Livestream, Seamus said that he doesn't sing the song anymore.
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