Skyrim Horse

Seamus on his trusty steed, Skyrim Horse

Not to be confused with Die Hard Horses.

Skyrim Horse is a horse in SSoHPKC's Let's Play of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Skyrim Horse is actually not one horse, but many more considering the original Skyrim Horse and many other in his place have died from bandits, dragons, and long falls.

Seamus had called his horse by 'Skyrim Horse' from time to time when he saw how the horse could tank and deal damage to opponents. But as Seamus grew higher in level, so did his enemies. But Skyrim Horse did not, then rendering Skyrim Horse useless in combat and made Seamus stress out whenever a large enemy would attack Skyrim Horse or vice versa.

Then once Seamus saw the incredible climbing abilities of Skyrim Horse, he kept the name for it. Once Seamus recieved a powerful demon horse from the Dark Brotherhood questline, Skyrim Horse was left in the dust as Seamus mounted his new steed, Shadowmere.


  • It is uncertain if Shadowmere is Skyrim Horse, because Seamus never addressed the new horse by any name so far in his Let's Play.
  • Skyrim Horse is not one individual horse, but over ten different horses, each 'reincarnated' as Seamus had stated in one of his Skyrim episodes.
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