Titlecard for season one.

Sly Breaks Friends is a series in which Sly trolls his friends and attempts to get them as angry as possible, just for fun.

History[edit | edit source]

The real objective of Sly Breaks Friends is disclosed at the start of every season: to anger Sly's teammate as much as possible regardless of the rules and goals of the map they are playing. The series is all pre-recorded and, by the time videos are uploaded, the victim already knows that they were being trolled. In spite of this, it is common for viewers to comment on the victim's channel warning them of the trolling.

Sly says that he started the series to show how friends act (the way they will pick on each other for fun) and to show the "mean" side of friendship. He and Immortal are close friends that act mean towards each other when they play together, but it doesn't damage their relationship because they're both doing it for fun and aren't seriously trying to hurt the other person's feelings.

Series One[edit | edit source]

The victim in series one was ImmortalHD as they played the Skyblock Survival map on Minecraft. Sly's attempts to anger Immortal included intentionally losing or wasting the few items they were given, disregarding all motives, repeatedly punching Immortal into the void, blaming him for everything, calling him a "racist manatee" and variations of such and starting arguments. The series ended on episode 5 in which Immortal was debriefed while insisting he did not get mad at all. They made up in front of a sunset then Sly jumped into the void, Immortal following him but a second after.

ImmortalHD - BROKEN.

Series Two[edit | edit source]

Series two used ImmortalHD as the victim again while they played the Survival of the Islands map for Minecraft. Immortal broke on episode 5, after Sly accused him of killing Mr YumYums with his 'boney dick'.

ImmortalHD - BROKEN

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sly released a promo for season two featuring ImmortalHD but later revealed the footage was corrupted so the season was scrapped for a new season two to be released later.
  • There has been much community support for Nova to feature on an episode of Sly Breaks Friends.
  • If Nova does not feature on a series of Sly Breaks Friends, many "die-hard" fans will proceed to eat their hats, according to a reddit post with nearly 2000 upvotes.
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