Snorlax is a running gag of Seamus', making cameos in his live action videos. 
Upside Down Trollax

Ze's interpretation of Snorlax

It has become a favorite in his community.


When Seamus started his IRL videos, fans noted that there was a Snorlax plushie in the background. Since then, Seamus has put it in the background in nearly every live action video or vlog, and mentions it from time to time in his videos. Also, if the Snorlax is upside down, standing on his head, it means that Seamus is trolling; in these instances Snorlax is known as "Trollax".

During the 24 Hour Mega Stream Spectacular, Seamus revealed that he got it when he was a child in Ireland and he keeps it close to him. He said that he would give it away signed if they reached $50,000, but luckily for him, they never reached it.

During another livestream, The Creatures "A Precious Child" Charity Stream, the Snorlax plushie, along with Aleks' Optimus Prime mask, was put up for giveaway again if the $25,000 milestone was reached, but it was not.

Ze revealed that he also had a plush Snorlax in his setup video, and said that he might use it in a parody video of Seamus since, according to Ze, "everybody thinks we sound alike".

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