Sophia was a pet cat tamed by Nova in the Hershel's Land series. She was found and tamed by Nova while he was walking around near his house.

Sophia's LifeEdit

Sophia was known for being an obnoxious cat, teleporting to Nova while he was going exploring with Danz, or better known in the series as Rick, a reference to a character from the comic book series and the TV series, The Walking Dead. One time, Sophia teleported to Nova while he was mining inside the well. Nova protected her from hostile mobs and they both managed to get out of the well alive.

Sophia's DeathEdit

While Nova was planting crops in his garden, Nova was annoyed that Sophia kept bothering him, so he tried to put her back into the house by pushing her. Dan tried to help Nova get Sophia inside by punching her but instead, killed her. Nova mourned about the death but didn't care much about her due that Sophia is annoying.


  • Nova did not put a grave after Sophia's death.
  • Nova admitted that he hated Sophia.
  • Danz said he had the iron fist after killing Sophia with one hit of his bare hands.
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