• Sp00n's YouTube channel name "The Camping Tree", comes from a feature in Counter-Strike, where you could disguise yourself as any object on a map. On one of the maps, you could disguise yourself as a tree (As stated in this video).
  • His first uploaded video (seen) was of him unboxing an Xbox 360, but got taken off due to copyright.
  • Sp00n draws his own video titles and YouTube backgrounds. He also drew the title card for Seamus' Rage walkthrough and many Creature talks.
  • Sp00n is not to be confused with fellow game commentator Sam "IAmSp00n", who plays with Gassy and has been on Sly's Minecraft Daily.
    • A lot of new fans may also mistake him for TheSpoonyOne who is part of another game team called Blistered Thumbs who are allies with That Guy with the Glasses and Cinemassacre.
  •  Sp00n is the voice of the man and Creature Carl  on the notorious Creature Hub "What the hell was that?" intro that used to appear before most videos.
  • His Minecraft skin is a pineapple.
  • He confirmed that his name is Nick in this video.
  • He was the one who "invented" the word "brown".
  • Sp00n used to live near an airport (numerous videos had background noise that sounded like planes).
  • He occasionally draws thumbnails for other Creatures' videos.
  • Spoonerism is an actual word, meaning a speech error or play on words in which letters or parts of words are switched (e.g. "a blushing crow" instead of "a crushing blow").
  • Sp00n revealed his face during The Creature's Panel at RTX 2013, making him the last Creature to reveal their face.
  • Sp00n, in a recent Titanfall stream, said that his original/former username was DarkShadows, or a variant of that.
  • He doesn't like podcasts or movie premieres, which would explain his rare appearances on Creature Talk and Creature Movie Trips.
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